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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Linville Falls, NC

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We got engaged July 1, 2016, in Linville Falls, North Carolina. It was so fun! It was sort of an impromptu hiking trip, and of course, I had the wrong shoes on. This was shortly after Pokemon Go became a big trend. (Sadly, it has since lost its luster, but at the time, super fun!) Richard was carrying this plush Pokemon ball with him, and I was wondering why, but I didn’t say anything, just joked, “Maybe you’ll catch some good Pokemon in here.” We made it to the top of the falls and found a nice little spot on a rock tucked away to admire the scenery. He proceeded to pull out all these cute little Pikachu figures from inside the plush ball. That is probably my favorite character if I am choosing! He then said, “Out of all the Pokemon we can possibly catch together, you are the one I would choose.” And there was a ring box in the plush ball! And he proposed. The ring and the day were beautiful, and we are so excited to get married!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Linville Falls, NC

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