Barbara and Joe

how we met

Joe and I met at a party at Temple University 7 years ago when we were 20 and 22 (respectively). I was on the coed club tennis team and we had a small get together (which turned out to be only team members, except for Joe). His roommate Will, who was new to the team, and to me, brought Joe to the party. We talked, had a few drinks together, and ended up exchanging numbers. At the end of the weekend and after the alcohol had worn off, I texted him to see if something was there. We went on our first date later that week, 8 years to the day of our wedding. Fun fact: Will is still a good friend of ours and will be a groomsman in our wedding.

how they asked

Joe proposed at Watkins Glen State Park in NY on October 24, 2018. We had looked at rings together in early September, so I knew it would be coming soon. Joe had some vacation days to burn, so he suggested we take a long weekend trip to the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY at the recommendation of his parents. This was a little out of character for Joe, so my friends were all convinced that he would propose (Joe insists that proposing wasn’t originally in his plan). Our first night in the Finger Lakes and the night before he proposed, I brought it up to him at dinner that my friends are convinced he’s proposing. “I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I don’t even have a ring!” he said. I was both disappointed yet relieved that I wouldn’t be anticipating a proposal for the rest of the weekend. The next day, I went to a wine tasting while Joe went running, followed by lunch at a local brewpub and a hike in Watkins Glen. Joe suggested we take a little offshoot trail called Lovers Lane, which looked out over the gorge. I turned my back to him to take pictures, “omg look how pretty this is with the fall leaves” etc and when I turned around, Joe was on one knee! Joe claims I took the ring right out of his hand (it turns out, he’d gone running with the ring loose in his pocket, without the box, and had been carrying it all day!), but I was so shocked I don’t remember what happened next.

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