Barbara and Janusz

How We Met

I met Janusz when I was just a freshman in high school. Immediately I felt a spark and knew that this guy was going to be the one for me. We first started as friends and within a year we started dating. We were just kids in love, we grew up with each other.

how they asked

We were going to celebrate our fifth anniversary and Janusz was in charge of planning on how we would celebrate. He greeted me at the door with a huge bouquet of roses. It was a beautiful day in October, not a cloud in the sky. Janusz decided that we would take a walk around the Shedd Aquarium and Planetarium. We started walking and noticed him acting nervous.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Downtown Chicago

He kept on staring at his phone, trying not to make eye contact with me. At one point he was quiet and then all of a sudden he decided that we should walk further down the path walk.

Barbara's Proposal in Downtown Chicago

While walking he started to profess his love to me and started to bring up fond memories. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I couldn’t stop smiling. I said yes as happy tears filled my eyes! I can’t wait to marry my one true love and my best friend!

Special Thanks

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