Bar and Nir


How We Met

We met at a huge holiday party with our friends. We were all dressed in our costumes and I was having fun dancing with my friends.. and then I saw Nir. As soon as I saw him I turned to my friend and told her to look how cute he was. My friend offered to be my wingman and went up to Nir and asked him “hey, do you know my friend Bar?” and he looked at me with a smile, and I smiled back.. and then we danced all night, we talked for hours without stopping and at the end of the night he asked for my number. When he left I looked at my friends and I told them that I new I found the one, and since then we’ve been together.

how they asked

I waited and waited for this proposal.. I knew he was the one. Then one day he was so stressed out and I could feel that it was going to happen. Nir told me that two of our friends were flying soon and they wanted to have a party before they went, so I  told him of course I’d love to go! At 5 he told me that he was going to help them set up. While he was there I started getting ready and I even asked him what dress I should wear.. one for the beach or a pretty one.. he told me the pretty one and I had the feeling it was finally going to happen!

But then on the way there he got a text from his friend that said “When are you arriving.. we’re almost done cooking,” and now I was for sure it wasn’t going to happen.. When we finally arrived Nir walked with me towards the cliffs and gave me a flower headband to wear. Then I saw it… rows of flowers spread out on the sand, huge pillows, and candles. From all of the excitement I started crying. I didn’t understand that it was actually happening! When we got down to the cliff he got down on one knee and proposed just as the sun was setting. It was the most romantic and exciting day in our lives… so far :]

Special Thanks

Samantha Cupingood
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