Bana and Chris

Image 1 of Bana and Chris

How We Met

We met on a winter evening when I was currently working as a bartender (that didn’t last long!) Christopher is the nephew of my boss at that time. He would come in and joke about asking me out, everyone at work would tell me he had the biggest crush on me. One day I was going to watch the NBA All Stars Game at the bar I worked in. The girls told me he JUST left, as I should text him (this is why Italia thinks we owe our relationship to her). I did, long story short we nailed a day to go on our first date.

Fast forward to our date- Thursday 28th February 2013- 7:00 PM. He said he wanted to get to know me and be an environment where we can talk and share about each other. We end up going to this great Cuban restaurant Guantanamera in midtown Manhattan. Right as we were about to start divulging into an intense conversation (first date style).Suddenly out of no where this Cuban band and I mean full on band appears behind Christopher, I guess he didn’t look into it being a night of live music, not to mention the speak was so close to him it was pretty much on his lap. We couldn’t stop laughing , after “HUH…?….DO YOU WANT SOME CEVICHE?!”

We jumped into his truck and asked me what I wanted to do- I asked if we could go for a drive. He drove down to the South Street Sea Port and showed me how it looked after Sandy and shared some childhood stories.
Our hands naturally gravitated to each other, we drove up the FDR just holding hands with the cold breeze on our faces- he said he turned to look at me and all he saw was a smile- all i felt was whole and at peace.

how they asked

We ended up hosting Christmas dinner- Christopher’s sister and his brother in law are normally in charge of the holidays. So we had been getting everything ready, no one wants a disappointing Christmas. We always say a prayer before all our meals – Christopher asked to do the prayer – he takes extremely long so normally I say no (to be honest-sounds terrible but it is the truth). As soon as he was done with prayer which the last line – “I can be only be so good to everyone and the only thing I need is my bestie!”

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He got down on one knee and everyone yelled- I ran into the kitchen I was in absolute shock I had no clue. Once it hit me my knees gave in and I fell to the floor, hysterically crying holding my heart it felt like it was going to explode. He walked over to the kitchen and got back down on one knee and waited for me to finish crying. I could even speak i had to look him dead in the eye and nod vigorously so he knew it was a yes. We had our loved one share the most amazing moment of our lives and be there to celebrate with us. FYI my eyes were puffy for 2 whole days. Thank you to my amazing friends and family who kept my Saint Christopher calm.