Baleigh and Jacob

How We Met

Growing up in a military family, building lasting relationships with people was pretty difficult. I had moved around my whole life and made pretty amazing friends all over the world but almost always ended up losing touch after we moved to a different state or country. In 8th grade, my family was sent to Fort Drum, New York. In my time there, I became super close with a group of girls. It was the first time I had really made “best friends” and I was so afraid to move away and lose touch with them. Well, halfway through my junior year of high school, my fear became a reality when my dad got orders to Hawaii. I was devastated but also super excited because I mean, c’mon who wouldn’t be excited to go live in Hawaii?! I lived on O’ahu for three years and never lost touch with my girls in New York! They came to visit me, I went to visit them, we all remained so close! After our three years was up my family got sent BACK to Fort Drum! We were all shocked because it’s so rare to get sent back to the place you came from.

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We were sad to leave Hawaii but also excited to get back to upstate New York, we just missed all of the seasons we didn’t get in Hawaii. My first week back was such a great time because I was reunited with all of my girls! It was about my second day back when my friend Katie asked me to go to lunch with her and a few of her friends from college! She and I went to Panera, ordered our food and waited for the two others she had invited to arrive. Well, just as we were finishing up in walks these two guys, one who caught my eye immediately. He was literally the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. We all spent the day together just walking around the mall, Christmas shopping, and having a great time!

Baleigh and Jacob's Engagement in Destin, Florida

Before Katie and I had left, Jacob and I followed each other on Instagram and later that night I received a DM that I had left one of the gifts I had bought for my friends, a stuffed sloth, in his car. he told me to add him on Snapchat and he sent me pictures of the sloth staged to look like he was one of the guys. One pic the sloth was holding a beer and wearing a ball cap, the next one; a group picture with Jacob and his friends with the sloth in the middle, just goofy little pictures all night and from then on, we talked basically every single day! We really just loved being around each other and about 8 months into the relationship we realized there was definitely a spark and we decided to start dating on August 15th!

How They Asked

About 7 months into our relationship, my dad retired from the military and decided to move down to Florida. I decided to tag along because I saw some amazing opportunities to further my education. As hard as it was, Jacob and I decided on long distance. He was going into the Air Force so we knew we’d have to do it eventually. Before he left for BMT or Basic Military Training, he came down to Florida for two weeks! His second day here he decided he wanted to have dinner on the beach because he had never seen the ocean before! We got all dressed up and headed down to a very nice seaside restaurant! We ordered drinks and a bunch of appetizers to share and just had a wonderful time. After dinner, we walked down to the beach and he was so excited, he was just like a child!

Baleigh's Proposal in Destin, Florida

He was jumping in the waves and he just kept saying “wow, this is amazing!” After we had played in the waves a little, the sun had started to set and we were up on the sand just talking about how soon he will be leaving for BMT and how excited we were for our future together. We had discussed getting married before but I had no idea what was coming. We were watching the waves and just hugging each other and that’s when he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him!

I was so shocked I started crying immediately and the very first thing I said was “do my parents know?! oh my gosh where are they, I have to tell my mom!” He had to ask me again because I hadn’t even said yes! Of course, my parents were in on the entire thing and two minutes later I see my younger siblings and my parents running down the pier. We all went and had drinks to celebrate and everything was just perfect!

Special Thanks

Susan Boswell
 | Went looking for places for the proposal to take place a week before he got here!
Kevin Boswell
 | Went looking for places with my mom, Susan.