Baleigh and Danan

Proposal Ideas Lexington MO

How We Met

Danan’s a tattoo artist. One day, with zero planning, I walked in to get a tattoo. While he was tattooing me, he mentioned something about how I was a very attractive girl and it wouldn’t take me very long to find someone. Little did he know, he was that someone! We parted ways. Four weeks later I walked in again, inquiring about another tattoo (that was just a cover!) and ended up asking him if we could go on a date sometime!

Baleigh's Proposal in Lexington MO

how they asked

A little while after we started seeing each other, he took me to a memorial on a hill overlooking the river. After a year or so he gave me a key. The ‘key to his heart’, because no matter what, I am the one who has his heart. A month later the ‘key to his soul’, because we’re soulmates. The next day he took me back to the memorial overlooking the river at sunset. He gave me one more key. The ‘key to the future’. Then he asked me if I would use the keys and what they went to, to spend the rest of my life with him and pulled a ring out of his pocket. Anyone that knows Danan knows he is a huge trickster! Especially considering he’s been married twice before and had sworn off marriage! So I spent a few minutes asking if it was for real and not a joke! After assuring me it was real and slipping it on my finger, I could not stop smiling!