Jocelyn and Matthew's Baker Beach Marriage Proposal

My new fiancé Matt & I started dating 10 years ago (when we were 16). He was the star of the football team at our high school, and I jumped up and down the day he asked me to wear his letterman jacket to one of his games & be his girlfriend. Only in my wildest dreams did my 16 year-old-self ever think that all of these years later, I would be this lucky!

One of my best friends mentioned that her husband (who also happens to be Matt’s best friend) had been promising her a trip to the city to go ice-skating, and asked if we wanted to join them in a couple days. We started throwing out ideas of where to get brunch in the morning before starting our day. As the day came & we were nearing the area of where the brunch was located, my friend’s husband mentioned that Baker Beach was really close by & suggested that we go get some great pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge with my new camera that I got for Christmas.

We unloaded out of the car & bundled up (it was SO windy!!!) and headed to find a good spot for some pictures. I took some pictures of my friend & her husband, then her husband offered to get some of Matt & I also. After he snapped a few photos of us, we started to walk away…then  Matt stopped me and asked for a hug. As we were hugging, he said he hoped I didn’t remember this moment because of the wind…it confused me for a second, but as he started talking again it finally hit me what was going on!! My mind was seriously racing, I started shaking, & crying tears of excitement instantly.

Baker Beach Marriage Proposal

Baker Beach Marriage Proposal


Baker Beach Marriage Proposal

I am so thankful that Matt had been working with my friend on the plan, it’s so special for us to be able to relive the day through the pictures they captured of us! We spent the rest of the day celebrating in San Francisco with our best friends. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!!!


We are so excited that after all these years, we’re engaged to be married & starting the next amazing chapter of our lives together. I can’t wait to marry my high school sweetheart!