Baillye and Colin

How We Met

Collin and I started dating in July of 2013. We first met in May of 2013 at a mutual friends birthday party. I had this feeling that Collin thought I was cute, just based off of how he directed his questions towards me. I thought he was cute, but I wasn’t interested in dating. I just got off of an injury and wanted to focus on cross country and track. We worked together that summer in Door County Wisconsin.

He was a bartender and I was a server at a local restaurant. He asked me out a couple different times and I would make excuses that I was busy or couldn’t make it. There was one night we were out with friends and we sat next to each other. There was an awkward silence between us. I figured I needed to break the tension, so I asked him how his Grandpa was doing. His grandpa just had a heart attack and my grandpa was recently placed in a nursing home. Once I asked about his grandpa, we couldn’t stop talking.

We talked about our grandpas, we talked about family, then our childhood. I realized then I blew off this amazing guy. I was worried I made a big mistake by saying no to this nice guy. I told myself if he still liked me he would text me later that night. And he did! He asked me out again a couple days later after his best friend told him I liked him. He asked me “if I ask you out again, will you say no?” I said, “I’ll at least give you a chance.” I’m an extremely lucky girl for how persistent Collin is.

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