Bailie and Garrett

How We Met

We met in 2012 at a high school party. We kissed that night, went through senior year together as just friends, graduated, then dated for about one month or so after graduation before he left for the naval academy. We wrote letters that summer when we were 18 (he wasn’t allowed to have a phone) but me being a college volleyball player and the demand of the academy made it hard for us to stay in touch. We saw each other over holidays the next 6 years and said hello but that was about it! Sometimes if Gin made me brave I’d steal a kiss here or there if we were both single haha. Then last Memorial weekend (2019) he nonchalantly mentioned that since we are out of college now we could try to be together and I could come visit him in San Diego.. (I had another BF at the time I lived with…..) but I kicked him out and came down here from MT to see Garrett and now here we are!

How They Asked

He was just on a 9 month deployment- returned the end of May- and he wrote a letter during the end of his deployment to give to me when he returned and had the ring! So we were in the car on the way back from MT when he gave it to me.. haha I think he panicked a little



Special Thanks

Paul Douda Photography
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