Bailey and Zack

Image 1 of Bailey and ZackHow We Met: This is my best friend Bailey and her wonderful fiancé Zack. For 9 years now he has been by her side through some of the highest highs as well as the lowest lows. Her family recently found out that after 2 years of fighting an aggressive form of cancer her dad is no longer responding to treatment and the news was absolutely heartbreaking. Zack knows how important it is for Bailey to have her dad there on their wedding day to share that special first dance and to walk his little girl down the aisle so for WEEKS he planned a big, surprise engagement for her (it was so hard keeping it a secret)! A few days before the big day he asked me if I would drive to Portland to get her out of the house for a few hours and of course I agreed! Once the big day came, we made our way to a little café for brunch followed by a trip nail salon. The entire time I wondered what tricks he had up his sleeve but I wasn’t prepared for what happened once we made it back to the house. While we all looked on, Zack and Bailey headed down to the pond behind her parent’s house to take “pictures” with their lab puppy, Zizou, so they could “document their first Valentines Day with him”, or so she thought. In the middle of taking pictures Zack pointed out Zizou’s new tag on his collar that just so happened to say, “WILL YOU MARRY MY DAD?” and he dropped to one knee. It was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them!