Bailey and Zach

How We Met: My sophomore year of college I went to my friend’s house party and Zach was his roommate. Zach had taken the role of the bartender and I wanted to make my own drink (#missindependent), so I took his title. (I mean you can’t have a monopoly on the bar!) Later he asked me out for a date and I passed. Then he asked again and again, and I finally agreed.

Just when you think that’s the end of it, let me tell you about how this date went — (spoiler alert: not great). I was really nervous and we went to Ninfa’s, where he ordered a “Ninfarita”… by himself. He took the quesadillas I ordered home with him (looking back, it’s not such a bad thing to reduce food waste…but still), and because of our shared lack of knowledge when it comes to movies, we topped our night off with Black Swan, the most awkward first-date movie potentially ever.

A second date would not have happened if he hadn’t taken my friend out to lunch and convinced her to talk me into it. He is also very persistent, and over time it will break you down. As you can guess, our second date was much better and featured no awkward movie scenes.

how they asked: We went camping and floated down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River for five days prior to the actual proposal, a trip we had been planning for awhile. After packing up, we were going to meet up with his family for breakfast before flying back home from the mountains. Zach told me that we should walk to breakfast instead of drive, so we left and headed the complete opposite direction of where breakfast was (directions are not my strong point).

As we’re walking toward “breakfast”, we approach a bridge with a random rock in the middle. It’s so random and I even mention it, to which he says nothing. He points out to show me some fish and tells me to look under the bridge. By the time I’m done looking, he says “Babe, I have something for you.” Then I turn around, he’s on one knee (right by the rock) and our friend pops out of the bushes with her camera. My response: “Like I’m gonna say no!” (as you can probably see in the 3rd pic haha!)

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