Bailey and Travis

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My parents’ house

How We Met

Travis and I met on Tinder in July of 2018 at a bar in the town I went to college. Let’s just say my nerves had caused me to drink a little heavily before he got there, and the date didn’t go too smooth. There was something about him though because the next morning I told my roommates and mom that I had met the guy I was going to marry. Of course, they tried to reason with me and get me to slow down, but I was head over heels for him.

How They Asked

On Christmas morning after we had opened all the gifts at my parents’ house, Travis said he had one more big gift for me. I was a little confused about why he had gotten me a barstool (the bar in our house has plenty of stools), but once I sat down and looked at him I immediately knew what was happening. He later told me that the stool is from the bar we met at (cue even MORE tears!)

Bailey and Travis's Engagement in My parents’ house

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