Bailey and Shandon

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How We Met

He was a senior football player, getting ready to head off to college. I was junior class president and focused on my books and volunteering. The one thing we had in common was chemistry… class that is. Thanks to mutual friends and our mutual love of volunteering, we finally paid attention to each other after handing out class schedules over the summer. From my forward maneuvers to whisk Shandon off his feet (Shandon had a few moves of his own) which literally involved me kissing him on the cheek, we joined hands as a friendly duo. 9 months later, Shandon was off to college and we decided that long distance was not going to stop us from being together.

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How They Asked

9 years later, our engagement didn’t feel right without having both of us in on it. We were mid-pandemic and near the end of Shandon’s medical school; with one random Tuesday dinner conversation, the groundwork was laid for the surprise of the year! We took our close family and friends with us on a Chicago Boat tour and then had a photographer staged at the exit of the boat tour along the river. It wasn’t easy corralling the peanut gallery, but once we got “a random stranger” to take a family photo, well the rest is history ;)

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