Bailey and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met five years ago, when we were in the 10th grade. I had a huge crush on him when I transferred high schools, but we didn’t start dating until a year later. He has been by my side through everything, from high school graduation, to going to university away from home, and everything in between. I had been dropping hints to Sean that I wanted to get engaged during a family trip to Hawaii this coming May, but he managed to catch me off guard and surprise me with a proposal 5 months before I expected it (and surprising me is an incredibly hard thing to do!)

how they asked

Sean has been living in Penticton for the past five months, working to complete his electrical apprenticeship, and he won’t be moving back home until August. We had booked flights home for him for Christmas weeks in advance, because the roads and the weather can be incredibly unpredictable at this time of year. A few days before Sean’s flight home, his mom, Cathi, offered to come with me to pick Sean up from the airport to snap a few pictures of our reunion, since we usually don’t see each other for a few weeks at a time between visits.

When it was finally the day of Sean’s flight, I was so excited that I could barely wait to head to the airport. Sean’s brother offered to come along for the drive as well, which was incredibly helpful because the weather was not very pleasant. Sean’s mom and I were both worried that we would get into an accident because it was raining so heavily, but luckily we made it to the airport in one piece.

Sean’s flight arrived on time but he wasn’t at the arrival gate like we were expecting him to be. I was texting him and becoming incredibly impatient, because I didn’t want to have to pay for parking while we waited, and we spent awhile trying to locate Sean before he finally called his mom and directed us all upstairs to the departure gate, where Sean was waiting. He gave me a hug and took my hand and told me to follow him, because his mom was waiting to take pictures outside so we could get home at a reasonable hour. I didn’t suspect a thing until I saw the limo that was waiting for me a few feet away.

Sean handed off his luggage and we got into the limo, which drove us around downtown Vancouver for an hour or so. I was so speechless and surprised that I barely said anything other than “where are we going?” the whole way. When we arrived in Stanley Park, Sean told me we would be making a quick stop- unfortunately the torrential downpour outside had not stopped, and the wind was so strong it nearly blew away the umbrella that the limo driver kindly provided us. Sean took my hand and led me to the water, told me how much he loved me, and got down on one knee. I don’t remember actually saying yes, but I stuck my hand out at him and he took that as my approval. We got back into the limo (where I officially said “yes”), and I was informed that we had dinner reservations at Cardero’s, a restaurant we had gone to earlier that summer for a date. There was also champagne and chocolates waiting for us in the limo, courtesy of Sean’s mom.

The whole night was amazing, from being surprised for the first time (in our entire relationship) at the airport, to raising a glass of wine when we finally made it back from Vancouver after a whirlwind night. I pride myself on being fairly perceptive, but there was no way I could have ever predicted my proposal to be as spectacular as it was, and despite the rain, I wouldn’t change a single thing about that night.

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