Bailey and Samuel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The back of a cruise ship at Sunset

How We Met

Sam and I met nearly two years ago through online dating applications and a good resume ;) Yes, those dating sites do work! And for us, it changed the game. We both wanted to date outside our fields and we both work in busy industries so online dating seemed like the next best option. We found our way to OkCupid and as Sam would tell it, Cupid led me to him. From our first message, it was meant to be. Our first date was fitting for a pilot and a flight attendant’s daughter when we ended up meeting at Denver International Airport at the restaurant Root Down due to our busy schedules.

Proposal Ideas The back of a cruise ship at Sunset

Naturally, we were already the best of adventure partners. From our love for travel to our love of coffee. Sam and I became immediate best friends.

Where to Propose in The back of a cruise ship at Sunset

Within our first month of dating, we went on 20 dates. From Starbucks by the river in Golden to wineries downtown to hiking in the mountains. Just two Colorado born and raised kids who bonded over their favorite city, their favorite sports team and their favorite food. Between Denver, the Broncos and breakfast burritos, we knew we had something special. We went from like to love in a matter of months followed by moving in together…as they say, when you know, you know. Sam began creating magical moments for me early on…starting with the moment he first told me he loved me in an adorable, quaint little hot springs with nothing around us but the stars and the quiet.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The back of a cruise ship at Sunset

Sam began sharing his greatest passion, flying, even more with me just as I shared my love of music with him. And before we knew it this musical theater goddess and this laid back pilot were moving to California together to pursue dreams and start a new chapter.

Over the months to come, Sam and I became a team, and it felt like we had been one for years. We adventured, we met each other’s families and our love grew by the minute. A true fairytale in the making! It was only a matter of time before I hoped that he would officially ask me to be his…but knowing Sam, I knew it would be the ultimate surprise.

how they asked

I knew that Sam was the man I was going to marry by our second date. So you could say I was hoping that he’d pop the question sooner rather than later. But I wanted it to be on his time and in his way, that was most important to me. He wanted the proposal to be romantic and meaningful but also slightly lighthearted (just like who we are together), not alone but not a huge audience either. He had the image of sharing a sunset together and then getting down on one knee.

When we walked out on the back of the ship, he knew it was the perfect moment…an employee to take a picture, a wide open space to say all the sweet things without sharing those thoughts with strangers, and just enough people to snap him out of amazement after I said YES! I am a singer/songwriter so in true fashion, Sam had written me a verse to a song that we have been working on over the past year (which was naturally inspired by him in the first place). I was reading the verse from his phone, thinking nothing of it at the time, when I came upon a lyric that said ‘he got down on one knee and looked up at me’… And he did. And I cried. Oh, and did I mention the perfect sunset?

We spent the next few hours (and days on our cruise) sipping champagne, in complete awe, soaking up every moment of the magic and dreaming up the life we are going to share together.

He told me about the story behind the ring, how they asked my family, and all of the sweet moments he had spent over the months prior planning my perfect fairytale moment. I still stare at my ring throughout the day wondering how on earth I get the honor of wearing it. To my fiancé, Today and everyday, I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world. To have such a handsome human being putting up with me, cheering me on, and loving me so deeply every single day is certainly a gift from the universe. There aren’t enough words in the English language, or lyrics in the world to express how my heart beats for you. I love you Sam…I can’t wait to be your wife.