Bailey and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I’s love story started like those you see in the movies. Just an ordinary day and then suddenly I meet this person who changes my life forever. I wouldn’t necessarily call it love at first sight, but I knew instantly that God had set him on my path for a reason. It didn’t take long for me to fall madly in love with Sam. His humor, generosity, selflessness, musicality, wit, intelligence, passion for cooking and unconditional love were qualities that I wanted in a future husband. He checked off every box on my list and many I didn’t know existed. When he asked me to marry him, it was the easiest answer I’ve ever given…

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how they asked

Her Side: On March 26th, just like the day we met, it was an ordinary Saturday. I woke up to my alarm clock, made the bed, fed the dogs, got dressed and headed to the Farmers Market. Even though these were things we had done a hundred times, something magical was in the air. I kept telling Sam I had butterflies and didn’t know why. We walked around the farmers market, hand in hand. We talked to vendors, sampled homemade chocolate, enjoyed the beautiful weather and got a caricature made. We then walked over to the Denton Square, taking the longest route possible, and stopped for coffee at our favorite local coffee shop.

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After enjoying our coffee, we headed to our favorite place. Our bench in front of the Denton Courthouse. This bench held many wonderful memories for us, as this was where Sam asked me to be his girlfriend. As we turned the corner, I saw a single vase of Sunflowers sitting on the bench. Our Bench. Instantly, my stomach dropped- it was happening. With tears in his eyes, Sam started saying the sweetest, most beautiful speech I have ever heard. Even singing a few lyrics from the first song he ever wrote me. He dropped down on one knee and asked me to Marry Him.

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I had daydreamed about this moment for what felt like forever, yet it was even more perfect than anything I had ever imagined. From asking my parents, brother and best friend for their blessing, to the sunflowers, amazing date, the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and a professional photographer… he thought of everything. March 26th is, and always will be, the best day of my life.

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His Side: They say that true love is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. People have said things like, “When you’re in love, you just know!” Well, the truth is, if that’s the definition of love then I’ve got something more. You see, every day my heart goes on an adventure when I’m with her. Like the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on and I don’t ever have to get off. Bailey always keeps me guessing, making me feel something a little more every day. Monday I looked at her and felt more at peace in her eyes than at any other moment before. Tuesday, she smiled at me and I lost my breath. The reason I know I love her, is the way she makes me feel every day, and how she always keeps my heart on its toes. I know because she always finds a way to make me love her more.

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They also say that asking someone to marry you is one of the biggest decisions you make in life. For me, it was the easiest decision I ever had to make. Figuring out how was so much fun. I had a little help, I can’t deny. Her best friend was always there to bounce ideas off of, and I will be forever thankful for that. I had a few things I knew I wanted to include, but I didn’t want to overthink it. My heart needed to do most of the heavy lifting here.

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I knew that she loved Sunflowers. They were by far her favorite flower in the world, so I knew they had to be included. We also had the incredible experience of falling in love, almost perfectly in step, and it all started on one specific date, on one exact bench in the Denton Square. Suddenly I could feel everything coming together.

That Saturday morning, May 26th will always be remembered for the wide range of emotions I felt throughout that day. I woke up excited, but nervous. Butterflies were flying in my stomach, and they only increased as we drew closer to the square that day. Suddenly the world felt empty, in a good way. As we walked through the shops at the Farmer’s Market it was as if it were only her and I. The only things I knew in those moments were the touch of her hand and her soft voice echoing in step with my heartbeat. As we walked to the coffee shop before our proposal I began to get nervous, suddenly everything came back into focus. Questions started swirling in my head, “What if the photographer isn’t ready? What if the sunflowers aren’t there? What if someone is on the bench?”

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The reassuring text from her mother that the flowers were ready filled me with such happiness. Everything was ready, it was time. As we walked across the street to our place in the square, where we spent so many nights falling in love; a little more with each laugh and spoonful of ice cream shared there, I started talking. Truth be told I don’t remember most of the words I said. By this point, my heart was doing all the thinking and all the talking. I do remember turning the corner and seeing the flowers so perfectly in the open. Sitting on the bench. Our bench. Bailey saw them and she knew. I could see the joy flooding her face, bringing to life her smile. As I went down on a knee and asked those words, I knew. This was the beginning of our forever. This is my love.

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