Bailey and Preston

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How We Met

Preston and I met while serving on summer staff for a month at Saranac Village Young Life camp in upstate New York. It was at that time that we became best friends. After that month was over, Preston stayed at the camp for another month and I went home to Ohio.

I wrote him and would text him whenever I could. We stayed in contact over the next couple months when we both started school back up. I go to The Ohio State University and he goes to Messiah College in Pennsylvania, 6 hours apart.

We began to FaceTime more and more frequently during those first couple months, growing deeper in our friendship with one another. There was a summer staff reunion planned for the end of October and Preston convinced me to drive to him and go together.

It was on that car ride down to  the reunion in North Carolina where Preston and I shared numerous conversations about our lives, hopes, dreams, fears and futures. Over that weekend, I didn’t want to leave his side at all.

On the way back, Preston and I got on the conversation about travel and spontaneously decided that we should take a trip to Colorado in January over our Christmas breaks (“as friends”). We mentioned this very jokingly but then began to plan shortly after.

Preston and I said teary eyed goodbyes that weekend looking forward to seeing each other next for our Colorado trip. On one of our FaceTime calls a week later Preston said he wanted to hang out before we went to Colorado, so we planned a trip for December 5th to Pittsburgh, our halfway meeting point, for the weekend.

We never officially declared it as a date, but it was definitely a date! We went to an art museum and explored the city together where he had plenty of really cute opportunities to kiss me, but didn’t. We also avoided talking about our true feelings for each other that whole time.

It wasn’t until we went back to this Walmart parking lot, of all places, where we had parked our cars when he finally spilled all of his feelings, asked me to be his girlfriend and kissed me. Just so comedic and fitting for us.

It was during this conversation where we talked about how we knew we wanted to marry each other. Life has just been one big adventure ever since and it is so clear how the Lord aligned our testimonies with one another and allowed us to meet, my life will never be the same!

how they asked


Preston and I had been talking about getting engaged for quite sometime now, so I knew I was getting asked soon but had no idea when. Preston had driven to Columbus and was visiting for the weekend.

I typically work on Saturday mornings, so I went to work that morning thinking it was just another day at work. We had planned to do something fall and cute after, so before I left for work he was telling me to get completely dressed and ready so we could just leave once I got home.

I put on an outfit that would be cute incase we took any fall photos while we were hanging. I carpooled to work with one of my best friends Lizzy, because we work together.

I had no expectation of Preston proposing to me this weekend, because he had made it incredibly clear that he didn’t want me getting my hopes up. And then, when Lizzy and I were about to leave work and head home, she approached me and said, “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I forgot to tell you that I have to go up to this park down the road to check it out and see if it’s muddy.

A few of my Young Life girls want to take their senior pictures there but don’t want to drive all the way up here if it’s messy and muddy.”

Preston and I had gone on a date to this park, so I knew which one she was talking about. So I was like, “Okay fine whatever…” I was pretty bummed though because I wanted to go home and hang with Preston. Then as we pulled into the park Lizzy stopped and said, “Okay put this blindfold on!”

As I was putting the blindfold on she put on the song “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars. I was freaking out!

Then, she took me by the hand and led me to this bridge where I then took the blindfold off. When I took the blindfold off, I saw my two best friends, Gabee and Nicole, standing at the other end of the bridge waiting for me.

I walked down to meet them, and they led me to this little corner of the woods where Preston had pictures of us hanging up all around. There was a projector and a sheet hanging up for a screen.

Out of nowhere, a video that Preston had made for started playing. When the video was over the sheet dropped and he was standing behind it! He came out from behind the sheet, he got down on one knee, he looked me in the eyes, and asked me to marry him!


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After the proposal, we went to lunch with all our friends who had helped to set it all up. After lunch, Preston and I went to the place where we are getting married and prayed together!

I still can’t believe that I get to marry my best friend! We are so excited for our life together, and the endless opportunities to grow in our love and our faith.

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