Bailey and Patrick

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How We Met

In the summer of 2014 I moved to Clarksville to start my freshman year of college. Naturally, I was scared of not knowing anyone by moving to a new city so I thought it would be useful to follow students attending the same college as me in hopes to make new friends. That is how I met Patrick. (Thanks to a funny tweet of his talking about how he didn’t hear a cop pulling him over for speeding because his music was too loud) Patrick was playing football at our college and I was a staff photographer for the newspaper on campus. So a majority of my time was photographing him and the team play. Three and a half years later here we are and he never fails to make me laugh (even when I’m mad at him)

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how they asked

For New Years Eve I attended his parents New Years Eve party they were throwing. My sister tagged along with me because she is also close with his family. His parents had invited my parents to the party but they had told me they wouldn’t be able to make it. Around 9 p.m. Patrick asked me to go look at the stars outside with him and his friends. After a few minutes of freezing my butt off we went inside to see that my parents were in the living room! I was so excited he surprised me with them! Well that wasn’t the only surprise that night.

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We all played board games, talked, and laughed until it was 11:55 p.m. We all huddled around the TV to watch the ball drop. Just seconds before the countdown hit the new year the TV cut off and I look around to see Patrick kneeling down behind me with a ring. I cried for a good while and finally shook my head yes, and while in shock accidentally handed him the wrong hand. I am so excited to marry my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Jordan Jones
 | Planning
Michael Sanderson
 | Videographer
Coby Campbell
 | Photographer