Bailey and Nate

How We Met

Our story began within the red gates of 4-H Camp Overlook. In 2009, Nate began what would become an extended tenure at camp, while Bailey attended for her 8th summer, at that time as a counselor in training. We had no idea that a decade later, here we would be.

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Over the next several years, we became close friends through our love of camp, high-carb meals, full commitment to themed costume events, and summers spent in the Adirondacks. Weekends spent in Saranac Lake, early morning Polar Bear swims, and winter reunions evolved into a budding romance, which quickly changed from camp fling to “oh, we’re actually dating!” in 2012.

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How They Asked

Nate started the formal relationship with a surprise first date, so it made sense for him to kick off the next chapter with another big surprise! In the months leading up to Bailey’s return to St. Lawrence for Reunion Weekend, Nate worked with some of our closest friends (co-conspirators) to pull together a proposal fitting a seven-year build-up. Telling Bailey that he was headed to NYC for the weekend, Nate snuck north and laid in wait until the morning of June 1 where he joined the KDS army on the porch of 53 Park St. to surprise an unsuspecting Bails.

In front of a rapturous crowd of friends (and some strangers who just love a show), Nate bent the knee and popped the question. After an emphatic YES, we were lucky enough to spend the remainder of the weekend celebrating our love in the area where it all began.