Bailey and Morgan

Bailey's Proposal in Alpine, UT

How We Met

Morgan was on the Utah Vally University Cheer team and my best friend was also on the team! We both knew of each other but just both hadn’t had the guts to ask each other out! Last summer Morgan asked me out but I was stubborn and wouldn’t go out with him, so he stopped trying! Then my best friend told me to ask him out, so I did! After a few months of dating, we officially became girlfriend & boyfriend beginning of November!

Bailey and Morgan's Engagement in Alpine, UT

How They Asked

Saturday morning I got a message on Instagram from Makenna a photographer that I’ve worked with before! She asked if Morgan and I were available for a last-minute shoot at a reception venue that night! I texted Morgan and asked if he would want to, he said that he wasn’t sure if he was going to be off of work in time and asked if she could do it another time. I kept bugging him about it and he finally said yes!

As we got to the photoshoot Makenna lead us down a hill where there was a horse. She had us take a few pictures by the horse. She then led us closer to the barn we took a few far away from the barn then went up next to the barn! Morgan kept looking at me and smiling so big. I had no idea what was coming next!

We walked into the barn and Makenna led us over to the stairs. She had us look at each other and then look at her!

We walked around the corner and I saw the love sign and a heart on the ground. I turned to Morgan and said: “Did you do all this”!

Morgan lead me over to the heart and he got down on one knee and asked me “Bailey will you spend the rest of eternity with me”! I gave him a kiss and said “Yes”!!

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Morgan managed to put this all together in a day! Because his previous plans were ruined by COVID19. He made this day so special!

Special Thanks

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