Bailey and Max


How We Met

5 years ago Max and I met on Semester at Sea (SAS), which is a study aboard program on a ship. Max is originally from New York, and went to school at Bentley University in Boston, MA & I am from New Orleans, and went to school at Chapman University in Orange County, CA.

A week before leaving for SAS Max and I both received a call that we were not able to go on the voyage because we were not able to get our Brazilian visas or passports back in time. Supposedly the Brazilian embassy had closed early the week before we were all to meet in Nassau, Bahamas to board the ship. So out of 600 students, Max and I were 2 of 3 that would have to call their home university to re-enroll in classes and prepare to not go abroad. When I heard the bad news, I wrote on our SAS Facebook Spring 2012 group wall about the situation and asked who the other two students were… Max replied! After many back-and-forth wall posts we decided to call one another to make a plan. We decided that we would fly to Fort Lauderdale, FL to get as close to the ship as possible.

After arriving in FL we waited and prayed that our paperwork would come through in time. As we waited, several more students were added to the group. Everyday delayed passports & paperwork would be received through the hotel mail and those students would head to the airport to get on the ship. Max received his the day before the ship was supposed to depart!

On the last day possible day, I still hadn’t gotten my paperwork and was certain that I wouldn’t be going along with a few others. BUT the day after the ship was supposed to embark we all received our paperwork and the ship turned around and delayed the voyage by coming to pick us up in Nassau! We then embarked on the best time of our lives — traveling to 12 countries and completely circumnavigating the globe together. We were inseparable.

how they asked

Since Max & I met traveling abroad we really enjoy planning our trips together. We had been wanting to go to Big Sur, since we moved to San Francisco over a year ago, but campsites book a year out and that made it hard to plan.

One day, Max told me a buddy at work had booked one of the best campsites in Big Sur, but wasn’t able to go so Max had bought it from him. Around this time, I was very stressed at work so Max said he would handle the planning, but he would like to go down Thursday night so we could have a much deserved three day weekend.

We headed down Thursday night and camped at a different campsite since the other would not be available till Friday night. It was our puppy, Bear’s first time camping and we all had the best time. We made smores, drank red wine and crashed pretty early. The next day we went on a series of hikes — ending at the cliff hike at Pfeiffer beach, which hint hint: is where the proposal happened!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.41.43 PM

Before we started on the cliff hike, Max had brought his backpack mentioning that he could put our jackets in there if we got too warm. Then while we were walking to the beach, I remember seeing a guy taking a picture of a sign with a large zoom lens on his camera and I thought that was odd. As we started up the path, Max said, “Bai, I’d like to get a photo of you and Bear right here.”


(Later I found out that he had come here with a friend a few weeks earlier to pick out the perfect spot.) As he said that, I saw the same guy taking photos (as before) on our path (20 yards back) and noticed that Max looked very serious. As I kneeled down to Bear’s level he took the photo (attached) and then grabbed my hand took off my sunglasses and said, “Bai, I want to you remember what I am about to say forever.”


Then I completely blacked out and honestly don’t remember anything, haha!


I do remember that he forgot to put the ring on my finger and for a split second I forgot my one job, to say YES, YES, YES! … But we got through it and finally pulled ourselves together. It was dysfunctional perfection!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Big Sur, California

After the proposal we walked down to a stunning purple sand beach, where we took a few more photos and Max told me that we were not going camping. Instead, we were going to a Bed & Breakfast with champagne!

We hiked back to the car and drove to the B&B trying to get service to Face time our families. As we pulled up to the B&B on the beach in Monterey — we get service, but Max asked me to wait to call, so that we can tell them together. We grabbed our bags and walked into the “B&B”, which was actually a VRBO. As I walked inside I was filled with emotion as I then realized that Max had arranged for our entire families to be there waiting for our arrival. Cue the bubbly! I was so overtaken with emotion that I stopped before the door way and started walking away out of shock and then quickly ran back in for a giant congratulatory hug.


Proposal Day-59

Max has the biggest heart! Which was apparent with all of the work that he put in to the proposal. He really knocked it out of the park. I am still in awe…

Proposal Day-32