Bailey and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met my junior year in college. He had grown up in a small town with a girl I went to school with, Lena, who soon became one of my best friends. She and, along with another friend Mikaela, decided to take a spring break trip to Nashville, TN to do community service. Kyle was snapchatting Lena one day asking about me. I was currently talking to someone at the time so I was not interested. The whole 3 hour ride home from Nashville, Lena and her parents did everything they could to convince me that he was the greatest guy in the world and that I needed to give him a chance. I still wasn’t completely convinced though. A week later, it was Lena’s birthday. So, Mikaela and I decided we would throw her a surprise birthday party. We invited our current school friends along with friends she grew up with, including Kyle. We all met up at Applebees (and boy was Lena surprised), so that was the first time I met Kyle. We had some small talk at dinner, but nothing too personal. Following dinner, Kyle messaged me on Facebook, telling me how happy he was to have finally gotten to meet me. The next day, I ditched the boy I was talking to, and the rest is history. Kyle and I have now been together for two years, and I COULD NOT be any happier. I have met the man of my dreams!

how they asked

Back in early September, my friend Mikaela asked me if I wanted to go on a scavenger hunt with her during our fall break in Missouri. Her other friend, Hailey, had originally planned on going with her, but Hailey moved away for graduate school so she was unable to attend. I had nothing else going on, so I said sure why not! Prior to completing the scavenger hunt, Mikaela had been in touch with the head guy over the hunt, Kevin Pelker. Kevin sent emails back and forth to Mikaela letting her know times and places to start the hunt. I also had to fill out paperwork before I could participate in the hunt. The paperwork provided a list of supplies we would need to bring such as a pencil, paper, binoculars, water, etc. Kevin instructed that we would get our first clue a couple days before the hunt. Mikaela, Kyle, and I were on our way to Tennessee for a camping trip when Kevin sent us our first clue.

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The clue instructed us to “go to the back of the Marquette and your voyage would start there.” I immediately started googling things in Cape Giradeau that had to do with the Marquette. I came across this old hotel that was in historic downtown Cape Giradeau that was called the Marquette, so I insisted we started there. Monday morning, the day of the scavenger hunt, finally roles around and Mikaela and I head to Cape Giradeau. We go to the Marquette hotel just like I insisted, and sure enough there was our first clue! The clue instructed us to “go the lookout over the Mississippi River at Trail of Tears State Park in Jackson, MO.” Mikaela and I frantically drive to Trail of Tears State Park, and on the back of the sign, it says to “walk out onto the overlook, and look across the Mississippi River to find our next clue.” So, Mikaela and I run down the boardwalk to the river, and at the end of the walk, there sits two chairs with a dry erase board.

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We had to use the binoculars to look across the river, find the words, and fill in the blanks on the dry erase board under our team numer. Other teams had already been to this spot and filled out their phrases on the board, so I was really trying to hurry. (For those of you who don’t know me, I am very competitive.) I am looking with my binoculars across the river and I am not finding anything! I’m becoming so frustrated. I try to hand the binoculars to Mikaela to see if she would help me, but she insisted that I keep looking. Ah Ha! I finally find them! Mikaela instructs me to read it aloud to her so she can write it in on the dry erase board. The letters read “wiL ju meri mi” Also, for those of you who think those are not words, I am a speech pathology major. So, those words are actually written in phonetic transcription, so it reads “Will you marry me?” With my adrenaline going, I failed to notice that it was written in phonetic transcription, so I am trying to help Mikaela unscramble the letters.

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Then I hear Kyle say “I think it says will you marry me?” I turn around, Kyle was down on one knee, and I was immediately bawling like a baby. He had lied to me about going to work that day, made all of the fake emails to arrange the scavenger hunt, and had my best friend in on the whole thing.

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I have no idea how they kept it a secret for that long, but it was better than anything I could have ever imagined. To top it all off, the boards that read “wiL ju meri mi” were spelled out with notes that I had written to Kyle over the last two years of our relationship, so that made it even more sentimental to me.

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Special Thanks

Mikaela Trexler
 | Photographer