Bailey and Joshua

how we met

We actually met on Tinder in early 2016! We went on a few dates and had a great time, but the timing just wasn’t right for either of us yet. We ended up finding out we had close mutual friends and reconnected through them in early 2017. We quickly became best friends until one day we couldn’t be “just friends” anymore and started “officially” dating on November 11, 2017.

how they asked

I still tear up every time I think about it! We were supposed to go on our second trip around Europe this May, but unfortunately we had to cancel it due to COVID-19. We were talking about still going on a long weekend trip when Joshua suggested Charleston. I had a glimmer of hope that he would propose on the trip; we have known pretty much since the moment we started dating that we would get married and I knew it was coming sometime within the year. Once I made a joking comment about it, though, we had a serious conversation about how he would not be proposing on this trip and he was so sorry because it really would have been a perfect opportunity. He started making jokes about proposing the whole week leading up to the trip, which helped me accept the fact that it wasn’t happening yet and actually made me feel really comfortable with that fact. He had planned to go to Charles Towne Landing that Friday morning of the trip, May 15. I got up, put on a white dress, and got ready (I hadn’t gotten dressed and worn makeup in nearly two months so I went all out!) He joked that morning saying, “Are you sure you want to wear a white dress in your engagement pictures?” I countered that as we were walking out the door asking if he remembered to grab the ring. He did not flinch! The minute we got to the park he was itching to find the Avenue of Oaks. Once we found it and started walking through it, he said, “So I know I’ve been joking a lot lately about proposing…” It took me all the way up until he pulled out the ring to know that he was serious! I was SHOCKED! He had found Shelby from The Wedding Click on Instagram and asked her take photos of the moment, and we also had a full engagement session with her around Downtown Charleston that evening. He had been planning this since February and was originally going to do it in Barcelona, but I could not be more thankful that we ended up in Charleston! It was absolutely perfect!

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