Bailey and Jordan

How We Met: We met in high school. He had been my friend for a year before asking me to be his girlfriend. He was a year older than me, which began to be an issue when he graduated high school and I was going to be a senior in high school. We ended up breaking up for 2 years, where we then rekindled our relationship in college at Texas A&M University. Oh what a roller coaster it was, but it all worked out for the best, because a year and a half he proposed to me and we will be getting married in January!

how they asked: I was in the mindset that Jordan and I would be going to Austin, TX to spend the weekend with his cousins, BUT Jordan came up with a plan to get me to the airport at 4AM and surprised me with tickets to NYC! I cried, naturally. And we were off, just like that! Our afternoon in New York was pretty normal, just lunch + a nap. But after we woke, BAM Jordan and his dad were gone! There were two dresses laid out on my bed with a card on top, and I was prompted to pick a dress and read the note that said “See you soon!” I was so excited I couldn’t even hide it.

I got ready, then Jordan’s mom and I walked down to the lobby of the hotel where I had another card waiting. It told me to get a taxi and head to Central Park (along with other lovey dovey stuff that made me tear up). Once in the taxi, Sharon handed me another card that said “follow the dropped pin.” Jordan sent me a dropped pin so I could find him in Central Park! We walked in the park until I saw Jordan standing on a bridge from a distance and I started to cry I walked up to him standing atop the bridge with flowers, he handed them to me, held my hand, and began to give me his “Will you marry me?” speech!!!!

Image 1 of Bailey and Jordan

Image 2 of Bailey and Jordan

I, of course ,said yes, and the rest is history. My hand will now and forever be a million times more beautiful than it once was, and I am going to soon be Mrs. Teague! There are so many more details that I only wish I could share, but it’d take a 5 page essay and I can barely even finish those for school. Needless to say, Jordan is the best FIANCÉ (!!!) in all the land and I am the happiest girl around.