Bailey and Jacob's Crazy Adorable Love Story

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How We Met

Alright, here it goes! When I love people, I love them hard, but I didn’t always get that love in return in past relationships. I always remember my mom saying “Bailey, don’t give your everything to people who just give you their crumbs.” And she was so right. I thought that if I just worked a little harder I would receive the love I wanted, but by doing that I was losing my own identity in trying to give so much of myself to people that could not do the same. Thankfully, God closed that door a couple weeks after I started college at APU. The heartbreak I experienced sucked, but boy did it also stretch me, help me grow into my own person, and opened my eyes to what I really wanted in a relationship! I got super lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing friends as my heart healed…but it didn’t take too long to meet my best friend, little did I know I already had!

So here is the bizarre part…God works in the most mysterious and BEST ways people!!! Let’s flash back to the day before I move in my freshman year. Jacob posted on the group page where the both of us would be living. I saw his location on the post that he made and realized he was from my hometown. It was truly harmless, I just wanted to make it clear to him that we had something in common…it turns out we had much more than living in the same town, we were in the same 4th grade reading class together! I had moved away and then moved back before college. All of this time we had been living minutes from each other and then ended up at the same school a couple of hours away. Crazy right?

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A couple of weeks later I was running REALLY late to class and Jacob was the only other person sitting in the very back of the trolley. We had an awesome conversation and I didn’t want it to end! I had found out later on that he was dating someone and I lost all hope in trying to get to know him better. I was bummed out but told myself that if it was supposed to happen, then the doors would open.

Later on in the semester one of my best friends disclosed that he was single and I freaked out!

Les Femmes, the annual girls-ask-guys dance was coming up and I knew I had to ask him before someone else snatched him up, I just didn’t know how to get his attention! Sadly, we had no classes together…but the detective in me quickly learned the times the cute boy in Ray Bans and Disneyland Sweatshirt would skate to and from class. Once I found this out, I no longer rode the trolley and took my sweet time walking from Health class back to my dorm room, hoping that he might pass by and see me. He made me so shy I didn’t think I would be able to do it, and I was so nervous that I almost just kept the In N Out I bought him for myself! Thankfully our friends helped me out and I got the courage to ask outside of the laundry room in our dorm building (super romantic, I know).

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After I asked him and he said YES–because hello, no one refuses a double double and fries!!– I invited him and his friends over to my house for the weekend with all of my girlfriends in hopes that we could get to know each other better before the dance. We ended up staying awake until the sun came up talking about everything you could think of. When he left my mom came up to me and said “I don’t know what it is but there is something so special about that boy.” I agreed. We had an awesome weekend together, but of course, the pessimist in me came out and didn’t think he was interested. Thankfully our time together at the dance went extremely well because he bought me dinner, held my hand, and kissed me at the end of the night! And the rest is history!

Since then, it has been an amazing almost three years of adventures like studying abroad in South Africa together, growth, hard conversations, endless car jams to Drake and Justin Timberlake and lots of love. What I love about Jacob is that he makes me brave, he believes in me when I’m afraid, loves even the messiest parts of who I am, and never gives up on me.

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Needless to say, I am so glad I saw his location on Facebook that day!

how they asked

Jacob and I had been talking about what it would be like to get married for a while now, but it was always just talk. Whenever I would bring it up he would say “I’m working on it!” I had a feeling it could be coming soon but I had no clue when because he is the King of being sneaky and probably the only person that can keep a surprise a secret from me!

For the past couple of weeks before he asked me, my family had been acting super weird around me and I could not figure out why! Seriously, my mom would just start giggling every time I would try to talk to her and I was starting to think she was being a little crazy.

A few of days prior to the proposal Jacob told me that his friend randomly offered to fly him up to Oregon to keep him company on the drive back down to California. Little did I know the real reason he went up there was to buy my ring!! I thought nothing of it, I was just excited for him to go on a trip to see our friend. Later in the week told me that we were going to a nice dinner on Saturday with his family to celebrate an awesome trip that his sister was going on, but that he wanted us to hangout beforehand because we hadn’t gotten to spend any alone time together in a couple of weeks.

I had spent the day getting brunch and sitting on the beach with my friends from high school and went back to their house to get ready for dinner. They were being extra helpful as I put my outfit on and I joked that I felt like I was getting ready to go on “The Bachelorette”. I kept texting Jacob telling him that I felt way too over dressed to go walk the pier but he insisted that it would be fine.

After I was finished getting ready I drove to Jacob’s house, he said we had time to kill so we went to our favorite restaurant by the pier and he randomly ordered mud pie… I couldn’t understand why he was ordering dessert when we were about to have a huge dinner…seriously it’s a piece of mud pie bigger than your head, but I definitely wasn’t mad about it! He was so nervous that he took a few bites and had it sent away before it melted all over the table. His mom called to let us know when to get to dinner so we decided to take a quick walk to the end of the pier. Somehow talk about us getting married came up and I told him we couldn’t talk about wedding stuff because I would get too excited! He then asked me if I remembered the journal he had been writing to me since we had started dating (He won’t let me see the full journal until we get married!) I said yes and he told me that he had looked at the entry he wrote when we had dinner on the pier before he left me for a month for Oregon to work at a camp our first summer together.We had the occasional phone call, but we mostly communicated through letters. Then he said “I actually have the entry in my pocket, can I read it to you?” Again, I didn’t entirely understand but I said sure!

We walked towards the end of the pier and he pulled out the letter and started reading…about half way through I finally figured out what was happening and I was internally FREAKING OUT! My eyes kept darting back and forth from him to the letter….

“I want to be the man to love you, to hold you, and to care for you the rest of my life…I know I have coined the phrase “I’m working on it”, but there’s something I have to say–this entry is from today, August 13th, 2016. Here we go…”

That’s when he dropped down on one knee, pulled out the prettiest white box, and asked me the question I had been dreaming to hear for so long, “Bailey Elizabeth Schermerhorn, Will you Marry Me?”

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In shock I say yes, and all of a sudden I hear a camera clicking! It’s our incredibly talented friend Courtney who had taken amazing pictures for us in the past and had met Jacob while they were shooting a wedding together. I was so excited to see her and felt so special that she came out to capture that incredible moment for us. She is literal sunshine and always makes me feel so comfy in front of the camera. I was in so much shock. We kept taking pictures and made the spontaneous decision to go in the water. I was hesitant because Jacob said we would be driving over to my moms to tell our family the good news, but we decided to go for it.

Best. Decision. Ever. The water was crazy warm, the sun was setting, and waves were crashing over us… it was hands down one of the most joyous moments of my life. It was so fun playing in the water with my FIANCE!!!!

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When we were finished we changed and raced over to my house. Jacob said that our families were in the backyard so I walked to the gate and confetti starts flying in our faces. “WHAT DID YOU SAY BAY”? My friends and family screamed. I started waving my ring around and immediately lost it when I saw all of the sweet faces I loved so much surrounding me.

Those that know me call me the “FBI Agent” because absolutely nothing gets past me. I usually hate surprises and always stop them before they can happen but somehow Jacob pulled off a proposal AND an engagement party filled with our favorite people. I loved every minute of it. The backyard was lit up with pretty lights and everyone I loved was there, even two of my best friends made it via Face time.

Our family and friends gave us the most amazing toasts and I seriously have never felt so much love and support for our relationship and the new journey we were about to embark on. The party lasted through the night with lots of champagne, pictures, hugs, dancing, and Biggie Smalls blasting on the speakers. I keep thinking that if our surprise engagement party was that fun I can’t even imagine what our wedding will be like!

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It truly was the best day ever.

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