Bailey and Jacob

Bailey and Jacob's Engagement in Texas

How We Met

Jacob and I first met when I was in pre-k and he was a cool older kindergartener. I can’t really say that I remember noticing him but he swears he remembers seeing me on the playground and even remembers watching my dad drop me off at school in the mornings (right down to the make and model of my dads truck!) We were in the same school for the next 6 years until his family moved to a nearby town.

Bailey's Proposal in Texas

As we got older we would see each other in passing or while hanging out with mutual friends. In our early twenties we drifted and moved to different places. At 21, I married a man and moved to the San Diego area where he was stationed in the USMC. Jacob got work in Arizona where he lived for several years. After moving back to my hometown, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Braelynn. He passed shortly before her 2nd birthday. About a year later I saw that cool older boy at my neighbor’s (who coincidentally happened to be Jacob’s dad). We briefly caught up and went on about our business. But over the next several weeks I noticed him next door more and more.

One day he was waiting for me to get home and asked me on a date. We spent that whole first date getting to know each other again. He told me about the places he had been, the things he had done, and that he too had a daughter—Taylor. He was just as funny, kind and charming as I had remembered. It wasn’t long before I had fallen for him and so had my daughter! We dated for a little over a year before he proposed.

how they asked

We were on vacation with my family in South Padre Island, Texas. After dinner we all decided to head down to the beach and just before we got to the boardwalk he pulled me aside, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

After I (obviously) said yes, he pulled a box out of his pocket and with a beautiful heart-shaped necklace asked Braelynn if he could be her daddy forever. We’ve been engaged for almost a year but have finally set a date and will become husband and wife on October 20, 2018.

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