Bailey and Hayden

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How We Met

I met Hayden through mutual friends back in 2008. I always had my eye on him and he is a very shy guy. I would make eye contact with him from across the room at parties and make him feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable. One night at a party I mustered up the courage to say “OMG Hayden! We don’t have each other’s numbers do we!?” He blushed uncontrollably but gave it to me anyways. There was some elapsed time but finally in January of 2010 we started to really hang out and the rest is history! Being the shy, needs to be OVERLY sure, guy that he is… I finally had to force him to make it “Facebook official” in May of 2010 ;) The squeaky wheel gets the grease right!? Who knew 7 years later we would be fiances and planning our wedding!?
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how they asked

OH my, let me tell you… I had to WORK for this ring!! I had no idea it was coming either. Hayden is a triathlete, avid hiker and all around extreme sports dude. We decided we needed to get away, and we love to snow shoe and Cross Country Ski. So we decided to take a trip up to Lake Placid, NY and do some skiing. Of course there was NO snow, so we had a change of plans and he thought a winter hike to the summit of Phelps Mountain would be the perfect thing! Now you have to know, my “fit-level” is about 1/4 of his! haha so needless to say, I strapped on my ice spikes to my hiking boots, got all my cold gear on, strapped my snow shoes to my pack and up the mountain we went. It was one of the most INTENSE things I have ever done! lol.

It was a 8.4 mile round trip. 4,160 feet to the top. The first 3 miles up were easy as pie, I was like oh man… I’m a Bad A girlfriend look at me go… then we hit the last mile up to the summit. Holy CROW! I was basically on some sort of ice climber National Geographic special. At times he was physically pushing me up this mountain! lol I could walk about 10 feet and stop to lean gasping I couldn’t go on any longer… He looked so disheveled and just kept saying “I had no idea it was going to be this intense! do you want to turn back?!” NOPE! I was DETERMINED! So I climbed those ice cliffs and shuffled my way allll the way up those 4 miles to the top. He kept mumbling under his breath that he was so irritated there were other people at the top, I however was just happy to still be alive and not have taken a tumble down the ice mountain.

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We get to the top in the 30 mph winds and 0 degree wind chill and I just start crying! I was SO exhausted and so smitten with myself that I had made it!!! I start fumbling with my selfie stick to capture us in that amazing view on top of the summit so I had my back to the wind and when I turned around… BOOM he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! Clearly I start SOBBING and say yes and in those crazy winds slip that bad boy on my finger and capture the best proposal pic ever! (clearly I am biased) So long story short I worked my ass off to get my ring, have one of the most epic proposal stories to share with my kids, grandkids and great grandkids to come and was completely surprised as I totally thought I would have to be the one proposing to him after 6+ years!!

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