Bailey and Gerrod

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How We Met

Bailey and I met at Ball State University four years ago. She was visiting her friends, who conveniently lived next door to me. My neighbors introduced her to me and I knew from the start that I needed to get to know her more. After a few hours of conversation, I still couldn’t get her to exchange phone numbers with me, but eventually she gave in to my charm. After several attempts of asking her on dates, I finally landed a lunch date in which we had on campus. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Gerrod told me he was speaking at the Indiana Repertory Theatre for work on the new database he helped to create in order to sell it to the city of Indianapolis. He mentioned that all of his co-workers wanted to meet me, and that we would be provided dinner, so it was a formal event. Of course, I agreed to go and support him; I know how hard he has been working on this project.

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I arrive at the theatre just before 6pm and walk into the lobby where two box office receptionists seemed to be minding their own business; I take one step inside and realize I have no idea where I am going. One of the receptionists asks if she could help me and I explain to her that I had never been to the theatre before and that I was here for the city of Fishers event. She smiled politely and proceeded to call her boss, who did not answer the three times she called. She explained to me that the event was private and I would need an escort to get back to the theatre. I am never one to have patience, so I text Gerrod and told him that they wouldn’t let me back to him because it was a private event and I needed an escort. I proceeded to beg him to come and get me. He replies and says, “sorry, mic check… I will send Amanda”. (Note: I have no idea who Amanda is)

A few moments later Amanda comes around the corner with a huge grin on her face and asks me to follow her. I start after her as she begins to ask me if I had ever been to the theatre before (I had not) and explaining the architecture and history of the building to me. We finally arrived at the side-entrance door to the theatre. Amanda turns around, looks at me, and points to the door. I respond to her gesture and proceed to open the door. As I am walking in every chair in the audience is empty (which I thought was weird being that the event started at 6) and the theatre is completely silent. I rounded the doorway to find Gerrod on the stage with rose peddles everywhere, candles lit on the floor, a beautiful bouquet of a flowers made up of roses and calla lilies (my FAV), a love seat, a projector screen with the words “Gerrod and Bailey.. so it begins 6.22.16” and two photographers who blinded me with their flash as I was taking it all in (I’m sure that picture is really pretty). All I can think in my head at the time is, wtf, what is going on?!

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Gerrod welcomes me and says hey Bay Bay, not what you were thinking, huh? I let out a small giggle of nerves and proceed down the stairs. He sits me down on the couch and asks me to watch a video with him (of course I said yes, I love movies). Gerrod had created the video himself: ten minutes of pictures from our relationship over the past four years and romantic movie clips that narrate the story. (how freaking cute?!) We watch the video until the end, and then the words, “Bailey Kelley … will you marry me?” flash on the screen.

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He gets up from the couch, grabs a box and my hand and faces me towards the photographers. Gerrod gets on one knee and opens the box and says, “Will you marry me?”.

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I about fainted, either because of the ten-minute built-up anticipation or because the ring was gorgeous, it’s still debatable. I said, “YES!” and presumed to feel like a movie star with the camera flashes around us. Afterwards, we shared a toast (to us) of Champaign and shared our first macaroon together.

And if that wasn’t enough already, we were able to take photos all over the theatre to remember ourspecial day. After the photos, he told me we were going to celebrate with his friends and grab some pizza (my favorite food). We arrive in Carmel, IN at Bazbeaux Pizza for me to find out that he had invited my entire family and his mother to present the engagement news.

I was so shocked and couldn’t believe he had pulled all of this off. We sit down with the family and the waiter brings out a wine glass and beer glass that read “Mr and Mrs”, and we toast and celebrated all night with so much love and happiness around us.

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Special Thanks

Steve Cassidy
 | Photographer
Denise Escovino
 | Photographer
Amanda Lyons
 | Stage Manager