Bailey and Ethan

How We Met

I had the BIGGEST crush on Ethan for as long as I can remember and each year for the homecoming pep rally I would ask him to be my dance partner. Finally in 2013, when I was a sophomore and he was a senior in high school, he took me on our first date to Taco Casa (my favorite! We’ve had all of our anniversaries there since) and the rest is history. From high school, college, and soon to be medical/graduate school, there was never a doubt- it was always him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our 5 year anniversary photography session

Where to Propose in Our 5 year anniversary photography session

Bailey and Ethan's Engagement in Our 5 year anniversary photography session

How They Asked

We scheduled our 5-year anniversary session, and Ethan secretly met with our photographer to plan the proposal. It was an in-home session, so we were dressed pretty casual and Ethan brought an extra pair of socks in his back pocket in case I didn’t want him to be barefoot in the pictures (i always make fun of his feet ?). Halfway through the session, Kenzie asked him to run downstairs to grab a stool for me to sit on, where he secretly traded the socks for the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. His sweet cheek kisses turned into him whispering in my ear “will you marry me?” and then the magic happened ? just for a second, the entire earth stood still as my world became his and he became my home forever. ?

Special Thanks

Kenzie Kirk
 | Photographer