Bailey and Chance

Where to Propose in Luling, TX

How We Met

Chance & I grew up together as kids & as we got older, we didn’t see each other as often. We happened to meet up at a party one night & just hit it off from there. Now, almost five years down the road, he finally got down on one knee!

how they asked

Chance got in touch with my sister to get a photographer hired for the proposal. My sister kept telling me it was a “mentor session” and that she needed a couple models for it. I totally believed it. Chance is usually not one to take pictures willingly so he complained about having to “take pictures” as much as he could to make sure I wouldn’t have a clue of what was really going on. 15 minutes into the session, he got down on one knee & asked me to marry him. After that, I quickly figured out that it wasn’t a mentor session for my sister, it was all for the proposal. Chance, my sister, and the photographer really planned it out well. It definitely surprised me!

Special Thanks

Lauren Parr