Bailey and Brett

How We Met

Brett had just graduated from Chiropractic school in mid-2016. He then moved to Costa Mesa with Joey, a friend from undergrad. I had happened to go to high school with Joey. One night, by chance, my roommates and friends decided to go to the Bungalow in Huntington Beach. Brett and Joey decided to do the same that very night and that is how Brett and I met initially. Joey went to say hello to all of us and Brett offered to buy me a drink as Joey got all the others drinks. That’s when I knew he was special because he decided to make me feel special our very first interaction. We exchanged numbers then had a great time with our friends that night. I wouldn’t see him until a few weeks later.

Brett had a Bali trip planned a few days later and we had made plans to get together once he was back. I was so excited to see him next, so his Bali trip seemed like forever. Once he was back, we did not stop seeing each other after our first date. We met at the end of August in 2016 and on October 15, 2016, we decided to become exclusive and never looked back.

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We had planned a 2-year anniversary trip to Joshua Tree as we had both never been and wanted to explore the national park. We found an adorable AirBnB that was a bit secluded and had its own boulders in the ‘backyard’. We arrived and knew this was going to be a perfect weekend celebrating 2 years together.

Bailey's Proposal in Joshua Tree National Park

We were getting somewhat settled because we knew we wanted to throw our stuff in the house quickly and get to the park to beat the rain predicted and see the sunset – this was around 3 pm and sunset was going to be around 6:30 pm. Brett had done research before our trip and there were certain areas/rocks we wanted to see. We first found the Skull rock and took a few photos there with our tripod. There is a heart shaped rock in the park as well but we were told it was almost impossible to find unless you are familiar with the park. This was our first time so we drove to the Visitor Center and the ranger provided us with a map with a small pen dot of where the rock is ‘essentially’ located. We drove from one end of the park to the next as we found out the heart rock was on the other side of where we were staying/had entered.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Joshua Tree National Park

Brett is a very determined person when he sets his mind to something so I thought nothing of his specific goal to find this heart rock. We were hiking and pretty much going in circles in search of this rock once we got to the general area we were told it could be. If you have never been to Joshua Tree, there are huge rocks and boulders everywhere and it is quite a workout. Joshua Tree looks like another planet so we were in awe of the sights we were seeing but I was also getting some push from Brett to find this rock before sunset and the chance rain could come down at any time. The heart rock is only visible from a specific angle (not at any angle from where you enter this part of the park) and being that neither of us had been there we asked a few people we saw but they were almost no help. Brett finally saw it from a certain angle so basically ran to it. I was trying to keep up and fell right before we got to it on my left palm right below my pinky (very close to where an engagement ring would be placed). You can tell at the beginning of our video I am asking for a band-aid for my hand.

We had been taking pictures with our tripod all day and so a picture in front of this rock was no exception. Little did I know it was a video the entire time. Brett pretended we took the photo then proceeded to tell me that he always thought after 2 years he would know if he was meant for someone but he knew after a short period of time we were supposed to be together for life. He got down on one knee and I was in COMPLETE shock. I am usually quite a chatty and emotional person and had no words or emotion — just complete and utter shock from happiness and this beautiful surprise.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Joshua Tree National Park

We had made a pact before that weekend to keep off our phones as much as possible so after we got engaged we only texted our families and continued to stay off our phones, pop champagne, and enjoy the rest of the weekend just us two. It was beyond words magical, the entire weekend, and I will never forget the end of our 2 years as boyfriend and girlfriend and our new anniversary date, October 12, 2018 – our engagement and the kick off to forever together.

Our Video

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