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It started off as a trip to Asheville, NC to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We drove up that Friday morning and checked into the hotel as soon as we arrived. I was wondering if I should change or just leave on my travel outfit and my fiance (Brad) said “you could always put a dress on” which he never does, so I said sure! Once I was changed, we decided that we’d grab something to eat around Biltmore Village so we found a really cool, smaller restaurant with great reviews. Everyone was really rushed to get done (I didn’t notice until I was thinking about it later) so that we could go “drive” around the Biltmore. I honestly wasn’t that excited about it because we could do that any time but everyone else wanted to go so I was happy to tag along. We tried to go through the gate but was told that we needed a ticket because we couldn’t just drive through. So we parked at the front office where you buy tickets and our friend who was driving randomly asked Brad to go inside with him which made me start wondering what was going on. I told our other friend that I felt like they were planning something and something must be going on (it’s hard to get things past me) and she was very adament about probably not because they aren’t good at planning stuff like that.

Once Brad and our friend got back in truck, Brad turns to me and says “you and I are taking a carriage ride and they’re just going to drop us off.” Of course, being the inquisitive person that I am, I immediately was asking why. The first time we took a trip together it was to Asheville and it was a really bad experience. Brad said that he wanted to make up for that because he knew it was a bad memory for me. This KIND OF threw me off but as we were driving up there, I started to think more about it. My father had passed away about a month before that and Brad was my rock through it all. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through it without him. We’d been talking more about marriage so of course I was hoping that’s what was going to happen. Brad is a VERY romantic person and puts a lot of time/research/effort into planning things for us.

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So we got to the carriage ride office and walked around until it was our time. Once we got in the carriage, there was a bottle of wine and glasses sitting on the seat across from us. Naturally my heart started racing thinking, OH MY GOSH – THIS IS IT!! Every time we would stop to take pictures or hear about the history of the grounds, I would wonder if it was going to happen. After a while it didn’t so I started thinking that maybe I was jumping the gun and overthinking everything. We get to the bottom where there is a beautiful pond that shows the reflection of the Biltmore House perfectly. We get off the carriage to take pictures and this random man walks up to us and says he is the photographer for the Biltmore and takes pictures of carriage riders, that we can pick them up at the office when we leave. Again, my heart starts racing thinking this was it. So we take a “distraction” picture as Brad calls it and when I go to walk away, Brad grabs my hand and when I turn around he’s down on his knee with the ring.

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The rest is history! Come to find out, he’d been researching and found this photographer who really does work for the Biltmore so he was able to wear his Biltmore uniform and make it seem legitimate! Overall, it didn’t go as smoothly as he wanted but I can now definitely say that Asheville, NC will always have a very special place in my heart.

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We are getting married next November and I’m not sure what I did to deserve someone like Brad, but I have never been more thankful in life! I’ve known from day one that he was going to be my husband and now I can officially say that’s going to become my reality!

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Special Thanks

Dwayne Schmidt
 | Photographer
Biltmore Estate
 | Private Carriage Ride
Blue Nile
 | Ring