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how they asked

Well I was pregnant with our first child. SO I did not know he would propose. I thought he wait until after Daymek was born. Little did I know, he had the rings for months before we ended up getting pregnant! So we went out to dinner with some friends in our hometown. Then we headed back to his parents… we went to drop our good friends off and I went to get out of the car… thinking we were going in to hang out. Luke shouted we’re going home! I asked him what was wrong and why he did not want to stay and hang out.. He said he was not feeling well. So I told him he needed to start eating more fruits and veggies.

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We stopped to get gas for his mom (to stall for our friends to race there). We pulled up and the garage was not opening. So Luke insisted on going around back to get in. I was still in the car thinking there has to be a button in here that opens the garage. Luke finally shouted Baileigh get back here help me break inside.

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Then I went back to find the beautiful backyard decked out in balloons, lights, pictures, and music playing. Panda, our dog, had a sign on her that said, “will you marry my dad?” I was in shock and Luke got down on one knee. Then all of my friends and family surprised me who were hiding inside the entire time. It was perfect.

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