Bailee and Manny


How We Met

Manny and I met during my second year of college. My roommate was dating his friend. I noticed him on my roommates Facebook and thought he was cute but didn’t mention it. A few weeks later both my roommate and her boyfriend approached me saying they felt I would be a good match with Manny.

So- we all set up a “blind date”- blind on his side but I had already noticed how cute he was on social media! He came to our house, thinking he was coming for a party, but little did we both know, our lives were about to change.


We clicked and within such a little time we were inseparable. Travelling together and living together within months of knowing each other, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I feel the need to thank my old roommate and Manny’s friend every day for introducing me to the best, most loving man I know!

how they asked

Manny and I had always talked about getting married from the time we met (when you know you know!), and he has always joked and said “maybe in 10 or so”. I never took him seriously, and so one day when he approached me with the idea of doing a “fake engagement shoot”, for his sister in law to help her build a portfolio, I thought it was odd but went along with the idea.


The day went on, we took numerous pictures and during the shoot Manny whispered, “you know how I always joke about doing this in 10 years, well you know I want to do it someday soon..”, I brushed it off and kept going on with our shoot.

At one point we positioned ourselves in a specific spot for individual pictures- which turns out was just an excuse for him to get the ring situated. When he moved back in for couple pictures, he started whispering again saying “you know how I said I wanted to do this someday soon, well today is that day”.

And he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.



While getting it all on camera. By far, the best day of my life!


Special Thanks