Bailee and Brandon

Where to Propose in My backyard (bride)

Him past: The feelings started coming to me senior year when I asked her to prom. I didn’t realize at the moment she would be the girl of my dreams…I wanted to kiss her that night however I felt like I wanted a stronger friendship. As the next year went on our friendship progressed. However after several summers of seeing her I started to develop feelings again. I went to visit her in Washington her freshman year of college and that was when I knew I wanted to ask her out. Once I asked her out she said yes, of course however we had several lengthy conversation of how we were transitioning from a friend zone to a dating phase. However after a couple weeks I dumped her. It wasn’t the right time, but we continued to work on this new phase of “liking each other”. Fast forward another couple years and we finally officially dated for real this time. We had our first kiss, which was the most magical kiss ever and this time I knew we were going to date for real. It was still distance which is always really hard. However a few months later I convinced her to move to Arkansas where I was attending college. It was a magical year, we had a lot of firsts and a lot of good memories together. I learned a lot about her such as habits and more interests and emotions. We had our highs and lows. I knew that when she moved there I wanted to marry her I just didn’t know when. Over the next year it would go on to be one of the best years of my life. Once summer came she went off to summer camp and it was once again distance however we saw each other at Vail and several times and it was very great. There has been ups and downs but I know that I want to be with her.

That leads to the proposal, I wanted to include her entire family so I talked to everyone about it and we decided to do it on the back porch. I hung up all the different pictures of us over the years and bought 150 candles to put everywhere. She was at work all day so it gave time to set everything up. Then after work she showed up and was super surprised and I pooped the question and the rest is history. She did say yes!!

Her past: When he asked me prom I thought he was gonna kiss me then he didn’t so I friend zoned him. Then come my senior year of graduation from high school and he came out to be there for the special day! When my freshmen year came of college he came shortly around my birthday and I realized that I liked him. However, I friend zoned him three times my freshmen year of college and didn’t talk to him all of one summer. I realized I still liked him when I was dating this other guy and realized that I needed to pursue him out and like him. So come June 2016, he comes and visits me at my summer job and asks me out in a camper trailer in my cousins backyard, I said yes. So I took a lot of gut and decided to move out to Arkansas to be closer to him for our relationship; we definitely learned a lot and went through lots of laughter and tears. Then this fall, he moved away from our home state to Tulsa, and he realized he wanted me more then just a girlfriend but a fiancé then wife! So on November 22, I came home from work and my whole backyard is covered with candles and phots of our relationship over the last seven years. My family was there and then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! My checks were red all night! I may not love football as much as he does but I sure do love him.

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