Bahaur and Kevin

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How We Met

His Story: I woke up on Saturday, October 18th 2015 excited for the Zac Brown Band show, but even more excited to finally meet the famous Bahaur. For months, Sam had been telling me about her beautiful friend; how she was smart and fun and perfect……. but not for me. When I asked why, I always received the same answer, “she doesn’t go for guys like you.” Whatever that means. Sporting a brand-new flannel and a large order of confidence I arrived at the venue three hours early with a different group of people and immediately began tailgating with ladder golf, music and laughs; and the night seemed like it was headed in a calm and smooth direction. Then, with about an hour ‘til show time, I saw Sam approach out of the corner of my eye, with a followed by an uniterested Bahaur. Having lived in Orange County for two years now, I had grown comfortable with the beauty of Persian women, but it didn’t even take the 100 yards of ground between us for me to realize she was quickly and desperately out of my league. Enduring the first few rounds of painful small talk, I pressed on with more and more questions in the hopes that she would pay attention to the way I listened and not the ketchup stain on my shirt, and just when it looked like she had had enough, I was saved by Cupid. Not by a dramatic and hypothetical arrow to the heart, but America’s own “Cupid Shuffle”. The perfectly simple choreography and beat that allows awkward white ex-athletes the chance to look like Usher protégés. The song finally reached our ears from another tailgate, and desperate for an escape Bahaur said she was going to dance. With one shoulder already turned, and all the sincerity of a wedding waiter offering appetizers she spat, “do you want to come?” Without wasting a beat, I was quickly in tow, and for the next 30 mins was dancing like my night depended on it (it did), and I was rewarded with multiple smiles and an arm to hold as we entered the concert. The rest of the night was much of a blur; however, one awkward kiss to the back of the head should be mentioned. Apparently, the night’s performance was enough to warrant not ditching me on the potential first date, so we’ll call it a success. The rest is history…

Her Story: So much had to happen in order for me to meet Kevin. After a last minute cancellation, I finally found a friend to buy a Zach Brown Band ticket and join me to watch them in concert. I had just begun my masters program and was looking for a carefree girls night out. Turned out that she knew a couple people at the tailgate and convinced me to meet up with them. After reminding her again that I wasn’t trying to look for a guy to date she continued to mention how great this guys names Kevin was. Upon initial contact all I could think was “omg he’s really tall and definitely a jock.” After shaking hands and introducing ourselves Kevin did the best he could to engage me in a conversation. I remember constantly being surprised at how much this guy could talk and wondering how many more questions could he possibly ask me! In the midst of us talking I heard from a distance “The Cupid Shuffle” playing and wanted to head over to line dance. To be polite I extended an invite for him to join me and to my surprise he said yes! It was at that moment that I knew this guy was interesting and would do a lot to impress a girl. Nonetheless we had a great time that evening and I left the concert thinking just that. It was one fun night and it was over….. Yea right! Kevin had gotten my number by texting some photos we had taken on my phone to his phone! It wasn’t long before I got a text from him. Through the week he charmed me with his humor and sweet texts. After some more convincing from my friend who introduced us, I agreed to go on a dinner date with Kevin the following week. We met up at Mama D’s in Newport Beach, Ca for some italian food. I could go on forever but what swooped me off my feet was Kevin’s down to earth personality, ability to laugh at himself, how much of a gentleman he was, and that he didn’t go for a kiss at the end. SHOCKING RIGHT?! It was at that moment when he walked me to my car and gave me a hug that I decided I wanted to give this a shot.

how they asked

His Story: June 29th, 2016 I stepped off a plane at John Wayne airport returning home after two weekends in NY for my best friend’s wedding. As his best man, I led the bachelor party (the weekend before) and had many responsibilities the week of and the wedding weekend, so conversation the whole time with my lovely Bahaur was short, sweet, and due to the context, I’m sure not entirely enough. Though she was pleasant, I couldn’t help but think there would be some setting straight when I returned, so needless to say, I was a little cautious as I approached her car at the airport. Boy have I ever been wrong….

I walked into the biggest hug and kiss, a full fridge, and dinner plans, all smiles and filled with stories about her time while I was away. The gifts of respect and trust are paramount in a relationship, and I never felt more secure in our happiness than at that moment, and that’s when it clicked.

As any married man knows, deciding that you want to ask is probably the easiest part of the whole operation. Normal plans aside, I also faced the realization that I would need to convert religions, ask for multiple family members’ permission, buy a ring, and coordinate an event all without giving my lovely bride-to-be any clues as to what was going on. Seems tricky right? But all of this paled in comparison to the 25 mins before I was going to pop question. The stage was set. With her mother and friends’ help, I had aligned the proposal to fall at the end of a family photoshoot, having the advantages of the cameras positioned, and all family there to witness. The problem with putting it at the end? There’s a three hour sweat beforehand, and time just honestly can’t seem to move quick enough. When the moment came, I couldn’t have been more nervous, and as we stood taking a final picture before I planned to drop, I swore she had to have been feeling my heart pounding out of my chest. The seconds it took for my knee to hit the sand, and the words to come out of my mouth seemed like an eternity, but all I remember, and all I will ever remember is the look of shock on her face in the beginning, and the teary smile as she nodded her head yes.

Her Story: I woke up Sunday morning ready for a long day at the beach. The day had finally come to take professional family photos with my whole immediate family. My biggest worry was whether or not my hair would stay and did everyone have their outfits prepared! We all drove to Montage Beach in Laguna Beach California to start what would be a long day. For hours the photographers shot pictures of us in different settings. Finally it was time for Kevin and I to get a few photos of our own. After taking a couple with various poses, the photographer asked us to turn towards each other. It was then that I saw Kevin reach for his pocket and begin to go down on one knee.

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My mouth dropped and I was overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t even process what was happening! As he presented the ring he said a few sweet words and asked me to marry him. After I said YES he held me and then turned me around to face my family AND my best friends who had been hiding for the last 3 hours. Turns out everyone knew but me and they weren’t about to miss it! Not to mention I got my wish of having my proposal captured so that I can watch it whenever I want! A family photo day was a perfect cover to have video cameras everywhere! It was the most amazing moment I have ever had and so filled with love and happiness. I learned that he had planned this day for months and made multiple trips to Michael Alan Jewelers to make sure my ring was perfect (which it absolutely was). I couldn’t be any luckier and we have thoroughly enjoyed being engaged :)

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