Bahareh and Arsham

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Langham, Pasadena

On Valentines day he purposely told me he couldn’t see me so he would have an excuse to take me to one of our favorites places, The Langham for a weekend staycation. Once we got to our room, he told me we had dinner reservations but he wanted to take a quick romantic walk before dinner to celebrate our 40 month anniversary (inside joke) which happened to be on that same day. We started walking in the gorgeous japanese garden on the property and he wanted to take a picture underneath the cherry blossom tree-little did I know this would be the last picture we would have as bf and gf :) After we took the picture he told me to close my eyes because he wanted to show me something. Before he could tell me to open my eyes though, I turned around and saw him on one knee-and the rest is a blur!

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Katherine Barcsay | 
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