Bad News for Feyoncés

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Bad news for all the no-longer-single ladies out there. Beyoncé-inspired merchandise may not be available on Etsy for much longer. The Drunk in Love singer is reportedly threatening to take legal action if Etsy does not take down gifts using the word Feyoncé. This includes all mugs, apparel, and other items that have ripped off the Beyoncé name, down to the last é. Etsy has pulled many of these gifts, however many are still available.

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If you don’t manage to get a Feyoncé gift before they’re all gone don’t fret–the HowTheyAsked Engagement Gift Guide has plenty of adorable gifts for you and all your friends who put a ring on it. No word yet on whether or not Beyoncé wants to remove all gifts parodying her songs, but just in case, you might want to get your #flawless t-shirt while you’re at it.

Photos by Etsy stores InInkBranding, ToGeauxCups, missFITTE, and E! Online