Bad Engagement Photos, and By Bad I Mean Hilarious

It’s always a good exercise to make fun of yourself at times… or the industry you work in. While I am all for and obsessed with the wedding world, I have to admit a guilty pleasure, the tumblr properly named Bad Engagement Photos. The site could keep you entertained for hours, but below are a few of my favorites.

dad pointing gun at husband

That’s dad with a gun. Pointed at fiance. Get it?

funny engagement photos 1

Or you could just roll down the window?

funny engagement photos

Is this worse than going to a mall studio for your photos?

train tracks engagement shoot

Will there even BE a wedding?? That train looks awfully close…

bad engagement photo blog

You know what, she looks better with a flower painting in front of her face.

bad funny engagement photos

What COULD they possibly be doing?

spiderman engagement photos

Hold on…. Spiderman is on set?

bad engagement photos

Cheers to the happy couple, ey?!

bad engagement photo 1

Nothing says love like a Honda Element.

funny save the dates

Get it? Ha. Ha.

bad engagement photo blog 1 Get up, wife!

bubble umbrella engagement photos

I just hope it’s her bubble umbrella and not his…

russian wedding photography

And to top it off… Russian wedding photography. Seriously a whole new level of WTF.

Are those wild, or what? Visit our friends at Bad Engagement Photos for more (but don’t come back blaming us for time flying by!). Xo!