Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Destinations: The Top 5 Cities To Go To

When it comes to finding proposal ideas and inspiration, you know we’ve got you here at How They Asked. But, it’s not all secrets and stories about popping the question in the office—we love a good party too! So, when our friends at The Bach sent us their 2020 forecast, we grabbed a drink and dove right in. And, now that the numbers have been crunched (and our day-drinking hangover is gone), we wanted to share some of our top takeaways and spotted trends. Read on to find out what the most popular destinations are for bachelor/ette parties are, where you can expect to spend a pretty penny as well as some of our favorite proposals from each of the cities—this is How They Asked after all!

The Top Bachelor/ette Party Destination – Nashville

We didn’t expect Nashville to be the most popular city for bachelor/ette parties, but with 20% of all people heading there to celebrate, it definitely is a hot spot for 2020! Known as the capital of country music, it’s a great place to meet your friends if you are looking for a more casual place to hang out for a few days. Plus, it won’t break the bank since it is the cheapest place to host your party on this list (which is maybe why is draws the youngest groups).

Nashville Proposals We Love

Kelsey and Chad’s proposal at the Grand Ole Opry and Rebecca and Zan get engaged on stage at a concert!

Where People Go When They Want To Party – Las Vegas

It should come as no surprise that when people want to party with their friends, they head straight to Las Vegas. And, while it’s not the top destination for bachelor/ette parties, it comes in at a close second. With an infamous city slogan and reputation for staying up literally as long as you can, it also doesn’t surprise us that most people choose to stay in a hotel as opposed to an Air BnB when having their bachelor/ette party in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Proposals We Love

Valerie and Cameron got engaged at a Backstreet Boys concert and Andrew planned a flash mob proposal on the strip!

When You Want To Go All Out, You Go To Miami

Beaches (check). Bars (check). The third most popular city to have a bachelor/ette party in (check and check). If you are looking for a city that has sun and all of the energy you could ask for, be sure to book your ticket—but we’re warning you, be prepared to spend. While there is a ton of fun to have, Miami is the most expensive place to have your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Miami Proposals We Love

Danielle and Anna get (re)engaged on the beach and Amanda never saw it coming!

Where The Music Lovers Go – Austin

When you think of Texas, BBQ and football might be the first things that come to mind. But, Austin is different—and weird (in a good way). With tons of live music venues, fantastic food, and things to do outside in the sun, if you are looking for the most low key bachelor/ette party location, this is it!

Austin Proposals We Love

Morgan and Grant get engaged in the middle of Longhorn stadium and Roger pops the question in his and Nicolette’s favorite place for a weekend getaway!

New Orleans – Where The Millennials Go

New Orleans comes in at the fifth most popular place to go for a bachelor or bachelorette party on The Bach’s list, but don’t take that as a sign it’s not a great time! With 7% of bachelor/ette parties booking tickets to The Big Easy, it is the most popular spot for millennials ages 30 and up. And, with tons of history, amazing food, and a party scene that is not for the newbies, we can guess why it attracts a more seasoned crowd.

New Orleans Proposals We Love

Austin fakes out Brooke on the streets and Ashleigh and Terrence get engaged on Fat Tuesday!

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