Michele and Santo

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How We Met

I babysat for Santos three nephews long before I met him. The boys parents (Santos sister and brother in law) thought we would hit it off and decided to set us up.

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how they asked

We planned a baby-moon to Italy before our lives totally changed and I could still travel. I arranged for a photographer to meet us during our stop in Cinque Terre to take maternity photos. It rained the entire day before but morning of our shoot was gorgeous. We were having such a fun time and approaching the end of our shoot on the rocks in the water where the entire town is visible. Since santo is fluent in Italian he told the photographer his plan without me catching on. We took a few photos together and then santo got down on one knee and proposed (I thought he had slipped on the rock and fell).

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I was so surprised and it was truly a beautiful moment.

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Luckily we already had our amazing photographer there to capture it! We celebrated with the other tourists, called and texted our family and friends, had a beautiful lunch overlooking the water and then finished with gelato. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect engagement.

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Special Thanks

Ramon & Sonia
 | Flytographer