Babette and Lucas

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how we met

We first met when we were in high school. We were actually on a double date, Luke with one of my girlfriends and I with my boyfriend at the time. Those relationships ended and a year went bye when I ran into a very handsome life guard at adventure island who happened to be Luke of course , and my friends and I just about tried everything to get noticed by Luke haha. About two years after that we ran into each other once again at Hillsborough community college. I took the first step and approached Luke in the bookstore and we exchanged Facebook information and went on our first date about a week later. A place we go back to every single anniversary!!

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I knew Luke was the one about 6-7 months into the 3.5 years we have currently been together. We decided to take our first trip just the two of us up to his family’s place in NC. The mountain views were just breathtaking. I remember setting up looking down on the valley and at the man next to me realizing that I loved him right there and I wanted to spend the rest of my days with him. We talked and talked that whole trip about our individual values. We both now hold that time very near and dear, and being with each other has always been so natural, even today!!

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how they asked

With all the stress and challenges that work and Luke joining the army were giving me, Luke came to me and said he wanted to take me on a weekend getaway to the beach. Now, I LOVE the beach. Luke HATES the beach. So I was a little bit confused as to why he would offer to go in the first place, but his response was that beaches have bars. I’m sure this was to throw me off of his trail in hindsight. So after we spent all day in the sun by the water, we knew we wanted to watch sunset. I’m a sucker for a good sunset. Luke and I started a walk down the beach where we stopped and started looking at a man in the water who was fishing. Luke pointed just past the man and said “wow did you see that fish just jump, look out there, keep looking…”

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After making myself feel awkward by looking and not seeing anything, Luke turned me around and started to tell me the most beautiful sentimental things. Using my whole name, he got down on his knee to ask for my hand in marriage. To top it all off, he called my brother and his best friend who were hiding in the bushes who got the whole thing on camera. I had set up couples photos with Shauna Lynne Photography (who was hands down amazing to work with) for my then boyfriend and I so that I could have beautiful photos to cherish while he was shipped somewhere or overseas. Our original date was rained out, so we rescheduled for a Monday night. I’m going to assume Luke put some plans into action or was just lucky because he proposed just two days before our scheduled couple pictures now turned engagement session!! Everything in that 72 hour period couldn’t have been more perfect.

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