Azlinn and Jarrod

How We Met

Our love story started in 2015 when we first met each other! We actually started our relationship over the phone; Jarrod was living in TX and I was in TN at the time. We built a strong relationship over the course of a few months, FaceTiming and getting to know each other before we ever met. Both of us were heading to the University of Tennessee for the Fall semester where we would meet and start dating only a week after Jarrod got back! As the crisp fall months rolled into Graduations and Christmas we knew that God had a faithful future for us. We fell in love and knew that we were meant to be for each other! Soon after I moved to NYC to work in fashion and he came to NYC and surprised me with the most romantic proposal ever on an Italian gondola ride into the sunset!

Azlinn and Jarrod's Engagement in Central Park, NYC

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The Story of Our Engagement
Central Park, NYC
July 21, 2017

A dream came true for me this perfect day in New York City, I said YES to spending my life with my best friend. To start, I was living and working in New York City in the Garment District at my dream job and this particular weekend happened to be my birthday, so my mom, sister, and friend were all in the city to celebrate! Friday night rolls around, I get off work, run home, and come back find the most gorgeous dress waiting for me to wear out to dinner with the girls. I finally get ready to go and we rush to “make our reservations” at the Central Park Boat House that night. We are all rushing in and I started thinking to myself, “I wish Jarrod was here to celebrate with us tonight.” About the time I start saying this, I look over my shoulder at the beautiful view of Central Park and my stomach dropped…I see him in a suit holding the most beautiful red rose and lilies bouquet I had ever seen! I was in pure shock, my heart filled with love and excitement to see he was there! I run down the pier to see him, both of us smiling from ear to ear and I jump into his arms filled with joy to know he was there for my birthday…as I thought! Next, we start riding into the sunset on this amazing Italian Gondola boat towards the city lights.

(I might add that it looked and felt like an out of body experience of how well-planned and perfect it was!) Anyway, since this was a complete surprise, Jarrod and I began to talk about our weeks and his travel to NYC. After nervously chatting for a couple of minutes, he says,” I am not just here to celebrate this birthday but for something much bigger…” He pulls out his Bible from his coat pocket and reads the most beautiful scripture about love, how God loves, and that he wants to love, provide, protect, and lead me all the days of his life! (Ladies, it is crucial to find a man that loves God first, and in return, he will love you better for it!) After saying my full name, I eagerly said YES (a million times with tears running down my cheeks) and had never felt so happy in my life!

I am posting our proposal as my first blog for you all to share in this beautiful love story with us! I could not be more humbled to have found the man of my dreams, and I am blessed by God to pursue marriage together with Jarrod in this amazing life! Finally, after taking gorgeous pictures in the park we head towards a surprise dinner spot. As you can see from the pictures below, the string lights are stunning and so romantic. Well, string lights are one of my most favorite things and Jarrod made sure that where ever we went had them. We walk into Tavern on the Green (just spectacular), and just as I had thought I couldn’t be more taken back or surprised I see that Jarrod had also flown up my sweet dad and both of his parents to celebrate such a special moment!

As I am sitting there with my fiancé, my family, and his family it seemed surreal at how much God had blessed me with and how much joy one moment could contain! We continue to smile, laugh, and enjoy the best food and drinks there. And shortly after we finish eating, my future in-laws hand me a sweet card and gift. (Side note: my in-laws are the most giving, Godly, and precious couple I know). I read the card and open the gift…it was the most perfect and thoughtful gift that has ever been given to commemorate this occasion, it was a monogramed necklace with my new initials! AEA
We ended, dancing the night away under the city lights, stunning string lights, and leaving with the promise of an amazing future together! I cannot wait to be Azlinn Edwards!!!!

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