Aziza and Khidash


How We Met

Khidash and I met over Facebook (strangely). I love Oreos, and he seemed to love them too, because I remember commenting on this post on Facebook which the official Oreo page had posted, and I got this friend request from him. I thought it would be one of those guys who were just looking for a good time because, I mean, it was Facebook after all…but he was charming and funny, and not long after chatting via inbox, I gave him my number, and we began texting. At the time, I wasn’t looking for anything too serious because I believed that I was too young to be in a serious relationship, I was only 19. We continued to chat and one night (a few days after) I was feeling slightly down…and poured my heart out to him.


I was single for two years before and had come out of a very, very abusive relationship, and I don’t know why or how I believed that I could just trust him but I spilled my entire life story to him, and I remember him being so supportive and comforting. After that I felt more connected to him than I did with anyone else I’ve ever been with. A month or so later, we decided to meet. He came to my mother’s little flat and told me not to wear any make up. Naturally, I was freaking out, but when he saw me, I saw a fire in his eyes that would never burn out, and it’s safe to say that he fell in love with me the moment he laid his eyes on me. Our first date was something of a fairytale. I got into his car and said “I don’t know where I want to go, take me on an adventure.”

And he did just that. We drove miles from the city and watched live music, had ice cream, sat in his car and talked the night away, and I fell asleep on the way home. A few days later, at about 1 am, he was outside my house with a gift bag full of my favourite sweets and a basket full of flowers, because I texted him saying I craved sweets. My mother and I were awake and having a heart to heart. I remember her telling me that he was the one, and that there’s a distinct line between boy and man; he was a man. I don’t ever regret saying yes to him when he asked me to be his girlfriend, over the phone one evening, after I basically pressured him because I was so impatient! He has given me a reason to love once again. He has shown me the true meaning of it all.

how they asked

About a week before Khidash asked me to marry him, we’d been fighting and arguing horribly. A few days before he spilled that he was going to ask me to marry him. Of course I was terribly upset, and he decided to make it up to me by spoiling me to an anniversary lunch at the Ivory Boutique hotel. The scenery was stunning, and although it was slightly cold, he set up a table in the garden, knowing how much I love nature and the outdoors. We sipped on our non alcoholic drinks and I was taken in by the views. When it became a little too cold, he had a table already waiting, Inside next to the fireplace, classic music played in the background and I felt as though I could be dreaming. After polishing off our main course, the waiter offerer to take us on a tour of the entire hotel, just before dessert, and this was ideal because we were the only two people in that entire hotel.

It was beautiful and I felt at home . It looked like a scene out of Italy or France. When we arrived in the courtyard, he asked our waiter if he could snap a few pictures of us since I adored the way it looked like Verona. We posed together for a few pictures and then he looked directly in my eyes and called me by my full name, which he never does. My heart began to race and I felt something coming. The next thing I knew, he was on his knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, telling me he wanted the same.


I didn’t cry, because I was overwhelmed with emotion.


Of course I said yes, and he slid this beautiful ring on my finger.

Proposal Ideas The Ivory Boutique Hotel, South Africa



The greatest moment of my entire life!