Azia and Jett


How we met: Jett and I met in World History our sophomore year in high school but really didn’t get to know each other until our senior year when we had English together. At the beginning of the second semester our English teacher decided it was a good idea to switch our seating arrangement around for the new year and that is when I was placed in a seat in front of my future fiance (I plan on sending that English teacher an invitation to the wedding) Anyway, I tried playing match-maker with him and my one of my friends at the time but it back-fired on me and we wound up talking to each other and hanging out regularly (I just couldn’t help it, he’s so cute!). On our first real date he took me on a tour of Tarleton State University (where we will both be graduating from in a month). It was the perfect day and even convinced me to attend school there in the fall. We continued to date and even attended our senior prom together (so funny looking back at those pictures now). When we started dating it was only shortly after I had ended a pretty bad relationship so I felt kind of overwhelmed and Jett and I decided to break up but stay friends since we were going to school together in the fall. Well just like that, on move-in day we became inseparable best friends until the end of the year. People didn’t believe when we said we were just friends and I swore to that but now I understand where they were coming from. We went through every milestone of our first year of college together– from homecoming events, to all-nighters spent studying for Biology, to the nights we couldn’t remember, to the time we found ourselves going to church instead of the bar and we grew up more than we ever thought we could have in that year. The summer after freshman year we returned home and one day we passed each other on the road and stopped to talk. He told me that day he was going to date me again, in such a matter of fact way, and I laughed it off. Little did I know I’d still be dating him three years later. So just like that, we started hanging out all the time over the summer and I couldn’t help but this time completely fall head over heels for my best friend in the whole world. Like they say, the rest is history–we grew as friends, we grew in love and we grew as people together. We have that relationship where we miss each other when we’re not together, we are always laughing and we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. We love to watch sports, travel and binge watch new TV series on Netflix. Now in two weeks we will be graduating college together and going through every milestone of life hand in hand.


how they asked: The morning of April 25th, we had graduation pictures planned at 9 a.m. so at 8 a.m. my best friend Hailey had offered to do my hair (she is a magician with a curling iron) and had done my nails the night before during our girls night. Our friend Nat took our graduation pictures and I went back home to take a Saturday nap before me and my two friends were going to Fossil Rim (a type of zoo where the animals come straight up to your car). Around 2 p.m. I was waiting for Melissa to come pick Hailey and I up so I told Jett he should plan something for us to do that night because we hadn’t gone on a date in awhile (He said ok–so sneaky). Melissa came to pick us up and we drove about 30 minutes to Glen Rose where we spent almost three hours at Fossil Rim playing with giraffes and deer and ostriches!


After Fossil Rim, Melissa was “starving” so we decided to drive around to find a place to eat. While we were driving around, Melissa wanted to find this awesome park and wouldn’t stop talking about going to that specific park the rest of the time we were together. We found a BBQ restaurant to stop and eat at. After that Melissa was pretty much set on taking pictures in a patch of bluebonnets and I had my camera so I was like okay since I’m probably not going to have time to hangout with Jett tonight anyway we might as well make the most of it! (I almost texted Jett in that moment to not make any plans because we weren’t going to be able to hangout) From there I wanted to get snow cones and they let me get a blue one!!!! (luckily I didn’t have a lot of time to dig in) There was this little putt putt course next to the snow cone stand and I really wanted to play but Melissa was set on getting to this park she’d been talking about all day before dark (I was still clueless at this point).

me and hails

As we’re driving over to the park, I notice these BIG rocks (hence the name ‘Big Rock Park’) and I wanted to climb on them but according to Melissa we had to start on the other side of the park and walk to the trail to get to there (good thing I didn’t protest too much because Jett’s truck was parked in the parking lot right next to the rocks). I left my phone in the car because who needs technology at the park! We began walking down and I was pointing out how cool the park was and blabbing away as usual–completely clueless to what was coming in mere minutes. As we approached a little bridge, I noticed these little lantern candles lined across the side of the bridge that reminded me of Tangled (I am OBSESSED with the movie Tangled). I looked at Melissa and Hailey and I said “oh my gosh look how cute these are! They look like Tangled!”

Bride's Proposal in big rock park, glen rose, texas

Then I stopped and said extremely excitedly “OHMY GOSH GUYS, what if someone is getting engaged here tonight!?!?!” (I am a sucker for sweet romance and at this point–still completely clueless). As we continue walking Melissa and Hailey kept their cool (I would have lost it in that moment). A few steps later Melissa looks at me and says “What if it was you getting engaged tonight?” and at that exact moment I saw the tallest and most handsome man in my whole life awaiting me on a dock probably a hundred yards away. I knew from there what was about to happen obviously started balling from that moment on and could barely even move. I was in complete shock and was completely surprised, I couldn’t believe those candles WERE for someone getting engaged and that person was ME! My friends made me walk from them to Jett and seriously–longest walk of my life. When I finally got to him, the first thing he said was “So–you asked me to plan something for tonight :)” (little did I know it had been planned for two months!) He was a nervous wreck and could barely form a sentence without having to stop and breathe, he talked about the last four years and how much they have meant to him… I really don’t know what he said after that but half way in I said “Jett you’re so nervous–it’s okay, it’s just me” and he kept going for a little before he got down on one knee (I was still shocked it was happening for real) and opened a little black box with the prettiest ring I’d ever seen (I had to tell myself to say yes and hug him first). It was the absolute most perfect moment ever.


Of course, because he’s perfect and planned the perfect proposal, it wasn’t over yet. He then walked me down the trail over to a dam that went across the river. As we got closer, I started recognizing people and they were all my very best friends–from high school to college. Friends from hours away came to celebrate this moment with us. After each friend I started recognizing, I cried (happy tears) a little more each time. All of my friends were holding huge lanterns and started letting them go as I got closer. It was everything I’d ever pictured in my dreams and more! Also he had a “secret” photographer snapping photos and videos the whole time and it was the same guy who had taken our graduation pictures earlier that morning!


lantern jett 2

If you thought the day couldn’t get any better-it could. We started walking away and I was telling my friends bye and they said, bye? We’re going to see you again in a few minutes. So we drove to Granbury and the whole ride over there (about 20 minutes) I didn’t have my phone because who needed technology at the park, right? Well I was begging Jett to let me call my parents but he wouldn’t let me because he was using his phone as the GPS. When we arrived to the restaurant, I walked in and there were my parents, my sister, my nieces and his family. Of course, I started crying again immediately because I was SO happy to see my family (who knew I was such a crier???) It was the perfect end to the perfect evening that will now become the beginning of a new chapter in our happily ever after.



me n jett

Photos by Nat Chittamai