Azaria and Blaine

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We were together 7 years at this point. Blaine owns a logging company. One day he asked me to go up in a small airplane owned by the land owner who he was cutting for to check out the next piece of land he was to cut. This didn’t seem out of place in his world and it was a Morning before I had to be at work in a couple hours. We flew over the town we both grew up in my attention was trying to make out landmarks. I didn’t even pay attention to Blaine and the land owner if they had or hadn’t discussed the land to be cut. Blaine then asked Charlie to fly over the land he was cutting at the time as it was an apple orchard that does a corn maze every October. He said it would be cool to get an aerial view of it for the land owner. As we got near Blaine crawled from the front seat to the back with me. He starting fumbling around in his pocket trying to get me to look out the window. I had no idea next but he was down on one knee in this little plan and as I peered out to the orchard below spelled out in logs painted pink it read will you marry me. Blaine spoke the most sincere beautiful proposal as I was ecstatic saying yes! It was a complete surprise and the most beautiful proposal. He spent so much time planning and painting the logs and setting this whole thing up! I had no idea! We married 9/5/15 and I couldn’t be a happier girl. Blaine is the most thoughtful and person and I am so lucky to be with him.

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