AZ and JL

How We Met

We’ve known each other since we were young. We were grade school classmates yet sort of like strangers. It wasn’t until we were in high school that we got together until now. We have petty fights, breakups yet we fought through it and stayed stronger side by side.

How They Asked

A funny little story about our “engagement”.

We randomly started preparing our wedding, we decided on a date and year on when we would want to get married with only the two of us in the know. I kid about not going to push through with the wedding without a proposal. Then comes the real preparation as the days start to get closer. Still, no proposal. My heart’s happy but me being a hopeless romantic was still hoping there would be one. Little did I know, he have planned it all along. Both sides of the family are part of the preparation and I couldn’t be more grateful. He proposed and got down on one knee a year after we randomly started talking about our wedding and gave me the most beautiful sparkly engagement ring.

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He asked his mother for help on getting the ring for him as it’s been made overseas so I would definitely notice once he’s gone without a valid reason for his absence. He’s been keeping the ring for quite some time that he gets paranoid if I’d see it accidentally in his drawer (which I didn’t).

The day has come, we went to watch a musical and he let me go inside the theatre without him as he’s waiting for my family who arrived late (because of the person my boyfriend hired to prepare for the night). So I went inside the theatre very unhappily as I’m alone through the first 15-minute of the play. There’s a 20 minute break after the first half of the show where we all went out then as my family’s late, when we went out for the break, the guard by the entrance asked for my boyfriend’s ticket as his ticket’s with me so the guard let him in without getting his ticket so they need to recheck but my aunt got confused and took a hotel key card out from her purse which I noticed right away but didn’t say a word (on the back of my mind, why the hell does she have a hotel key card? It’s not unusual for us to book for a night at that hotel but usually, I know if we have a booking which I didn’t at that time so I knew something’s not right). After the play, we went to have dinner then go straight to the hotel room (I was expecting that there would be a set up on that room but there’s none). They kept on asking me to go down which I refused saying I’m too lazy to move. But I still did go down because we have to get some things. When we came back up, my sister and my dad’s gone from the room and only left my aunt inside. We asked where they went and my aunt said they went down to buy ice cream (impossible to get my dad to go down so I’m already expecting that something’s going to happen soon, LOL). Me and my boyfriend planned to go unwind with my family at a chill bar later that night and so he called my sister to ask where they were and told her that we’d go down to meet them there. This is where most of the funny part took place out of all the fail planning even though my instinct’s too accurate (I always catch his surprises 8/10 as I know him too well, it’s not that he’s not good at planning, it’s just that I’m too intuitive and most of the time, my feelings serve me right!)

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I told my boyfriend and my aunt to wait for me as I need to go to the toilet, when I went out, only left in the room is me and my aunt who is by the door waiting for me and I asked her where my boyfriend went and she answered “somebody called his phone and he went that way I think, by the fire exit? I think someone’s looking for him. (pointing to the left side, the elevator going down’s by the right!) my mind went blank at that moment and just followed my aunt walking towards the fire exit around 5 rooms from our room without asking any more questions and honestly believing that my boyfriend went there to meet a friend or someone. Then as I reached for the fire exit door, my aunt took a detour at the corner room right before the fire exit. I told her “this is the fire exit, what are you doing there?’ She asked me back “where’s the doorbell of this door?” I answered back and pressed the doorbell without thinking (I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I swear!) “it’s here, it’s this one” then the door suddenly opened… and the rest, you can watch from the video.

Talking about how everything happened that night still gives us all a good laugh.

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