Ayzia and David

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How We Met

Dave and I went to high school together, and had mutual friends, but did not meet until after I graduated. When I came back home from college for my first winter break in December 2009 I attended a holiday party and formally met Dave for the first time.

After the party, I slid into his *Facebook Private Messages* and the rest is history. We were inseparable from the start. I recently asked Dave when he knew I was the one, and he said “Day 1”. And that’s really how it felt! Though we were young (just 17 and 18), we knew we had something special.

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How They Asked

Dave and I had planned a weekend trip to Jersey City including dinner and brunch reservations. Driving up there we hit an insane amount of traffic. He was getting so anxious and at the time I had no idea why!

We arrived in Jersey City just after sunset and decided to take a walk by the water. He took me to an area of the pier we had walked together 6 years earlier for one of our early dating anniversaries.

It was truly a beautiful night. The weather was perfect. We stopped and stared at the gorgeous view of the NYC Skyline together. I turned to him and he grabbed my hands and asked me to marry him. Tears rolled down his face as he reminisced on the last 13 years together.

He got on one knee and I said YES! Before I knew it, his best friend, best friend’s girlfriend, and brother appeared from out of the bushes. They had been waiting there the WHOLE time, almost 40 minutes!

They emerged with flowers, champagne, and their phones to take pictures. It was a beautiful and intimate moment. We didn’t get great pictures since it was dark by then but I couldn’t have been happier. We went to a romantic dinner at Chickie’s in Jersey City where they gave us the Royal treatment and in the morning he asked my family and his family to join us for a family brunch at Mathews Food and Drink. I was so surprised to see all our favorite people!

After the proposal weekend, my best friend who is also a wedding photographer took our engagement photos which was also such a special experience!

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Special Thanks

Sammy Jo DelPriore
 | Photographer