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how they asked

Simon proposed to me on 1st Feb 2017 on the last night whilst away in Jamaica, it was the most incredible moment of my life. Looking back I still don’t know how he managed to pull all this off with me glued to his side every minute of the day haha!

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He booked the most beautiful pier on the beach and selected three lovely courses. The dessert plate was so special, he had selected all the cakes I liked from all the different restaurants we booked in the hotel. The scene was just picture perfect. We had our own waiter serving food and pouring our drinks, but I just remember feeling so anxious and nervous the whole time. I just kept thinking there’s no way Si will propose now it’s too perfect…Then out came a fourth plate…but I remembered him saying it was a three-course meal…I literally couldn’t breath when I saw the fourth plate come towards me. The waiter placed it in front of me and there written in chocolate, the words ‘will you marry me’. I felt like I was in the most romantic film ever it was a fairytale moment, one I’ll never forget.

The next minute I know Simon’s down on one knee it was just magical…

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Simon also arranged with the hotel (Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall) to have pictures taken of our special moment and have the whole thing recorded. Thank god he did, it all was a blur at the time, but now I can look back at the pictures and proposal video and have this special moment as a memory for life.

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I was shaking for a good few hours after, I just couldn’t believe what had just happened, it was all so surreal. It was the best night of my life, I just felt so overwhelmed.

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